Bienvenido, Del Taco

Mexican fast food chain building new store in Yukon

Construction crews build the walls to the new Del Taco store that will open soon in Yukon at 1551 Garth Brooks Boulevard. (Photo by Tim Farley)

By Mindy Ragan Wood, Staff Writer – A popular American-Mexican fast food chain is coming to Yukon.

Fans of Del Taco will not have to travel east of town to enjoy their favorite menu items anymore.

Del Taco will be located at 1551 Garth Brooks Boulevard, where construction is now under way. Social media and food networks rate Del Taco’s menu as one of the best.

On Yukon’s social media pages, several fans of the chain expressed their excitement over the chain’s decision to open in the area.

Jennifer Parker wrote, “We need a Del Taco. Good stuff!”

Lindsey Mathis predicted success for Del Taco. “I can’t wait to get our Del Taco in Yukon,” she wrote. “They will give Taco Bell and Bueno a run for their money.”

Kenndra Hernandez touted the soft chicken tacos.

“Del’s soft chicken tacos,” she wrote. “And jack quesadilla with ketchup. I’m from California. Del Taco is Cali based and when I saw it here I nearly died!”

Reddit users rated the soft chicken tacos as superior to those at Taco Bell. published their favorite things about the restaurant. The food site rated the chain’s fresh made beans as a top pleaser and healthy because they do not contain lard. Agreeing with Reddit users, they also rated the soft chicken taco one of the best menu items and the cheese and spicy sauces as top notch.

Some of the popular selections include beer battered fish tacos, grilled chicken burritos, cheese quesadillas, and even a burger. What makes Del Taco a little different from other fast food chains is that their combos come with crinkle cut French fries instead of rice or spicy seasoned fried potatoes. The American side of their menu offers chili cheddar fries, queso fries, and double bacon cheeseburgers.

The Mexican menu offers platters too, with more traditional rice and beans with burritos or tacos topped with fresh sliced avocados. The ever-popular street style tacos are available too, featuring a softer corn tortilla filled with carne asada, or marinated grilled chicken. If you’re not a big fan of beef, you can opt for a fish taco, or even a ground turkey taco, soft or crunchy. A soft taco doesn’t just mean you have the choice of a tortilla, but flatbread is served too.

Diners who are watching their waistline will appreciate that the street tacos are only 170 to 180 calories for the carne asada and grilled chicken options. Their taco salads are higher in calories, but offer a complete meal with meat choices, lettuce, avocado and vegetables starting at 500 calories.

Throwing diet to the wind, the dessert menu offers caramel cheesecake bites, cinnamon churros, chocolate chip cookies and shakes.

Budget friendly menu items include several selections for a dollar or less. Breakfast tacos, chicken burritos, tostada, mini quesadillas, and bean and cheese cup are just a few options for low prices.

Del Taco started in 1964 when Ed Hackbarth and David Jameson opened the first location in Yermo, California. Tacos, tostadas, and fries were 19 cents, and cheeseburgers were 24 cents. They sold 900 tacos on the first day.

By 1977 there were 50 locations, but 1978 they doubled to 100. The menu expanded with an experimental “bun taco” which is a traditional taco served on a hamburger bun and is still available upon request.

In 1988 Del Taco merged with Naugles restaurant chain and started staying open all night. In the 90s the chain entered a remodeling stage when a new logo was debuted. By 2008, they opened their 500threstaurant and added a dessert menu.

After 2010, they released a dollar menu.

At press time, it was not known if Del Taco has a projected opening date.

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