Yukon girl missing; parents desperate for help


By Mindy Ragan Wood

Staff Writer

Parents of a missing Yukon teen are frantic to find their daughter alive after she disappeared early Friday without critical medicine.

Stepmother Kimberly Polk said her 16-year-old stepdaughter Shelby Polk was discovered missing from her room when her older sister went to wake her for school. The Polks immediately called 911 which fell to the Oklahoma City police department’s jurisdiction.

Kimberly Polk said the family has conducted their own investigation and learned that a cab driver picked up Shelby and took her to the home of an ex-boyfriend in Watonga around 3:30 a.m.

“That coincides with what this taxi cab driver told us. He (boyfriend) said they went for a walk around 5 a.m. and that she got into a black vehicle and told him he would probably never see her again,” said Kimberly Polk. “Everyone I’ve talked to said that sounds like a line in a movie, that doesn’t sound right.”

Polk said that she and Watonga police officers have been to the house where the boy lives multiple times.

“I have contacted the Watonga PD and they’ve driven past that residence on multiple occasions, spoken to the dad, and there’s been no sightings of Shelby…in all the times they’ve driven by they’ve not seen her.”

The missing teen does not have her cell phone because she had been grounded from it before she ran away previously.

“On all her social media pages she has not been on there, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, she hasn’t opened anything. We’ve talked to all of her friends and nothing,” Polk said.

The Polks have spoken with surrounding county and city law enforcement agencies and provided a flier for their daughter. Shelby Polk used to live in Watonga with her biological mother, but moved in with her father and stepmother in June. She attends Mustang High School.

The family suspects foul play.

“She’s diabetic. She didn’t take her meds when she left. You have a 16-year-old diabetic without medicine. If she doesn’t have access to contact somebody, when do we decide and who decides when foul play is involved? I don’t see a child not reaching out to someone since 5 a.m. Friday morning,” Kimberly Polk said.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Oklahoma City Police Department at 405-297-1000.