Finishing touches

New senior living complex almost ready for move-in time

Chris Green, left, of McPherson Construction, visits with apartment manager Marlene Boydston at the entrance of the new complex. (Photo by Mindy Ragan Wood)

By Mindy Ragan Wood, Staff Writer – A new senior living apartment complex is near completion and is accepting applications for residents.

The Residence at Yukon Hills, located on Bass Avenue off Cornwell, offers 60 units with all appliances provided. A community room, craft room, and fitness room are among the amenities that residents will enjoy.

The Seldin Company announced they expect the Residence at Yukon Hills to be open by November 1, but they are already moving in a few residents who don’t mind a some finishing construction in the background.

Manager Marlene Boydston has managed senior citizen living facilities for 20 years and said she is looking forward to seeing the apartment complex fill up.

“We’re not just here to fill up apartments, but to make this a home for people and a community. It’s not just about handing someone a key,” she said.

The apartment complex will include a library, two storm rooms with generators and even a small store. Transportation services, education services, and medical services like blood pressure checks and flu shots will also be available. The idea is to provide residents with some of the conveniences found in assisted living centers while maintaining total independence.

“It’s not an assisted living center. They are completely independent. If they want a resident’s association, if they want to have a say in their community here then we welcome that. We want them to feel at home here, but also be able to socialize. We will have a store here with things you would find at the drug store, in case they don’t want to get out if they’re sick or there’s bad weather,” Boydston said.

The one-bedroom apartments offer 650 square feet and the two bedroom offers 850 square feet. Refrigerator, dishwasher, washer, dryer, stove and even the microwave are provided in all apartments. Apartments have wood floors, carpet, and tile with walk-in closets and plenty of windows. There are no bathtubs, only showers with fold-out seats.

“I was glad to see there would be no bathtubs,” Boydston said. “When people get older it’s harder for them to get their leg over the side of the tub. A shower is much easier and safer.”

The rates are based on a sliding scale. Only residents age 62 and older are accepted.

“This is a tax property,” Boydston said. “So, it depends on their income. A lot of people think they won’t qualify, but they do. It’s always better to call us.”

The income scale for one person is between $23,600 to $28,320. For two persons the range is $26,950 to $32,340. For three people the income is between $30,300 to $36,360 and four people between $33,650 to $40,380.

The income requirements are exact, so anyone who makes less than or more than the amounts allowed would not qualify.

Most residents move in after the death of a spouse.

“It’s difficult when you’ve been with someone for 50 years and they feel like they’re losing everything. They often have to sell their house and get rid of things that have been part of their lives for years. Here they can feel like they have a home and get to know people their own age, have a sense of community,” she said.

While many residents are forced to part with beloved items dear to their hearts, pets aren’t one of them.

“We allow small pets. Many of them don’t know what they’d do without them,” she said.
Boydston said she is always excited to see residents enjoy a great place to live and enjoy the fruit of the lifelong labor in the workforce and raising families.

“They deserve this,” she said. “They’ve built this country to what it is. I love seniors and I love hearing their stories, their history. I can’t wait to see them move in.”

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