Woman arrested after stabbing husband

Woman arrested after stabbing

A woman who claims she has been abused by her husband was arrested early Wednesday morning after she admitted to stabbing him.

Kee Ann Lee Zediana, 36 of Yukon, told police she and her husband Eric Charles Zediana, 39, were arguing and she stabbed him. Inside the kitchen they discovered Eric with a laceration across his left shoulder blade approximately two inches across and about an inch deep.

Eric said the two were arguing and when he turned to walk away she stabbed him. A knife with blood on it was on the kitchen table and there was bloody clothing on the floor.

Kee Ann told officers she stabbed him with a pair of scissors in the hallway but did not know where they were after the incident. Officers did not find the scissors but did find marijuana and paraphernalia throughout the house.

“Kee Ann stated her husband has physically assaulted her in the past and she was only defending herself,” the probable cause affidavit reads.

The officer asked Kee Ann if her husband had assaulted her during that day. She said she didn’t want to incriminate him. There were no signs of physical abuse evident on her body.

Two children ages six and 13 of the home were present during the incident who said they heard the argument. The oldest child said she saw Eric bleeding and “he attempted to coach her on what to say when police arrived,” the report reads.

She was arrested and taken to the Canadian County Jail where she remained in custody Wednesday on a $5,000 bond for assault and battery.  Eric was taken to Baptist Hospital for treatment.