93,000 and counting

Nine proposals made, and accepted, under matrimony display

Yukon’s holiday train welcomes guests into the Christmas in the Park light display at Chisholm Trail Park. So far, more than 93,000 vehicles have passed through the massive display of 4.5 million lights. See related photos, Pages 9D-10D. (Photo by Hugh Scott, Jr.)

By Mindy Ragan Wood, Staff Writer – Love is in the air during Christmas in the Park this year with nine couples agreeing to tie the knot after a proposal under the “will you marry me” lighted display.

“Love is in the balmy air,” Parks and Recreation Director Jan Scott said. “They had three people over the weekend propose under the sign and nine so far this year. Usually they call the parks department and set up a time to have it light up.”

The park has been a flurry of activity, thanks in part to the warm weather.

“The weather has been great and the crowds have been bigger and better than ever. We’re covered up in walkers because it’s been so warm,” she said. “We’ll get even busier this weekend with people coming in to see their family and it being Christmas weekend.”

The department records the number of cars that come through the three entrances of the park and the number of train riders. So far, there have been 20,224 train riders and 93,189 vehicles.

“This has been a wonderful year,” Scott said. “The park guys have done a great job. I can’t say enough wonderful things about their hard work and dedication.”

Christmas in the Park is one of the biggest in the state. Midwest City’s Holiday Lights Spectacular is 1.5 miles long with 1 million lights.

Chickasha’s Festival of Lights boasts “more than four miles” and 3.5 million lights.

Christmas in the Park is three miles and four million bulbs.

Donations are accepted at every exit which funds the following year’s show.