Top city employee

Myra Schmidt ‘vital part’ of Yukon Fire Department

Fire Station No. 1 secretary Myra Schmidt, left, accepts the award as the city’s Employee of the Year. The award was presented by City Manager Jim Crosby at the city’s annual Christmas Party. (Photo provided)

By Mindy Ragan Wood, Staff Writer – Yukon city employees selected Myra Schmidt as Employee of the Year for her service as secretary at Fire Station No. 1.

“Myra is an exceptional employee,” City Manager Jim Crosby said. “She’s extremely loyal, she’s always there, and she goes above and beyond in her duties. She’s dedicated to making sure the department runs well and we really appreciate everything she does.”
Schmidt said she was honored by the award and that working with the fire department has been a passion.

“I enjoy the people I work with and I enjoy doing anything anyone asks me to do. It’s a really nice place to work,” she said.

Schmidt began her career with the fire department 17 years ago, at the same time Deputy Fire Chief Kyle Trumbly began his.

“The thing that stands out the most to me about Myra is that she takes ownership of the fire department. Without being asked, she puts together scrapbooks for all the retirees. She calls the employees and checks on them and their families when they’re sick, when they have a baby. She’s always the first one to check on them,” he said. “She even reminds firefighters of their anniversary and reminds everyone when it’s Valentine’s Day.”

Trumbly appreciates her skill as a secretary to keep the department running efficiently.

“Myra sends out inter-organization communication out before the Chief (Vogt) or I can even get to it. She makes sure the firefighters have their uniforms when they need it, makes sure the purchase orders are completed on time and that purchases are delivered on time. We really couldn’t do without her.”

He said Schmidt is much more than an employee and a secretary.

“She’s a very vital part of our organization and we really couldn’t do without her. She’s as big a part of our department as any other person here is, and that’s the way we look at her. We don’t look at her as a secretary, but as a member of the fire department,” he said.

The award is given out every year based on two rounds of voting to elect the recipient. Two other candidates for the award were Yukon Police Sergeant Dave Carroll and Justin Wilson.