Firefighter charged with DUI


A Yukon firefighter was charged earlier this week with driving while under the influence of alcohol, but it is not the first time Andrew Marshall Davis has been arrested.

Davis, 39, of Yukon was arrested early Saturday morning on January 6. A misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence was filed in Canadian County District Court Jan. 11, court records show.

A concerned citizen called the police around 1 a.m. to report a driver swerving in and out of his lane and driving 50 miles per hour in a 25 mph zone, according to a law enforcement report. The digital speed meter registered the Davis’ speed on S. Cornwell Drive. The officer caught up to Davis at Cornwell and W. Vandament Avenue.

Davis admitted that he had been drinking, but after the officer asked him to do a field sobriety test the firefighter “begged” the officer to call Davis’ wife to pick him up. Davis said at first said he was going home, but after he was arrested Davis said he was going to a friend’s house after leaving Big Dick’s Roadhouse.

He posted bond at the Yukon city jail.

Yukon Deputy Fire Chief Kyle Trumbly said he could not comment on the firefighter’s arrest because it involves a personnel matter.

Canadian County jail records show Davis was arrested in 2015 for domestic abuse in the presence of a minor, but no formal charges were filed.