Raisin’ Jason

Board of Education members reward superintendent with 3 percent pay hike


By Mindy Ragan Wood, Staff Writer – Superintendent Jason Simeroth will continue his career in Yukon with a slight pay raise thanks to the school board’s decision Monday night.
Simeroth, who was hired in May 2014, received a 3 percent raise, bringing his annual salary up to $172,500 beginning July 1.

“I’m honored that the school board has decided to renew my contract again this year until 2021,” he said. “I’ve said it (when) I was hired and I’ll say it again, that Yukon is my New York Yankee’s job. It’s the place that I want to retire and I plan to be here for a long time if the community and the board of education will have me.”

School board member Rex VanMeter said he was pleased with the results of Simeroth’s guidance.

“We think he’s doing an incredible job of leading the district. We’ve seen a lot of growth, the financial position of the district is good, and it is one of the top in the state. He’s done an excellent job with his team. Testing scores continue to be above state average, so we’re very pleased and excited to extend his contract.”

Board of Education member Jeff Behymer said Simeroth has pushed the school to higher excellence.

“He’s done very well managing the economic side of the district. I feel like the morale within in the district is high. We have people coming here from other places to work and we’re number 11 on the top places to work in Oklahoma among other types of workforce. I’m excited to have him as superintendent for my two kids.”

Before coming to Yukon public schools in 2014, Simeroth spent six years in the Durant independent  school district as superintendent where he helped oversee a new high school. He began his education career in Mustang. He has a doctorate in Education Leadership and Policy Studies from the University of Oklahoma.