Selby, Westfahl advance to April 3 general election


By Tim Farley

News Editor

Yukon’s Ward 2 city council candidates Erick Westfahl and Shelli Selby advanced to April’s general election in Tuesday’s primary vote.

Shelby was the top vote-getter with 190 votes with Westfahl in second with 179 and Ward Larson in third with 69.

With momentum on her side, Selby said she intends to knock on more doors in Ward 2 “so they (voters) will know what my thoughts are.”

Selby said she believes Ward 2 voters are “ready for something fresh and more transparency. They want us to listen to them.” She believes voters are reluctant to trust local government officials because of financial controversies and near-bankruptcy that plagued Yukon when Grayson Bottom served as city manager.

The winner of the April 3 general election will replace John Alberts who was term limited and could not seek re-election. Alberts served 12 years on the council, including two terms as mayor.

Meanwhile, Westfahl said he wants to keep a positive message during the remainder of the council campaign.

“I’m going to take some more time out of the work week to knock on doors,” he said. “I want to educate myself more on the issues and learn the finer details so whenever someone asks me a question I can provide an educated answer.”

Larson, who broke his foot in late December, attributed his loss to the injury and age. Selby and Westfahl are younger than Larson, who previously served on the Yukon council.

“I’m disappointed by the vote totals, but I’ll remain involved in city government,” he said.

Some of the pivotal issues in the campaign centered on rising water bills, public safety and road projects, particularly Highway 4 and the Frisco Road-Interstate 40 interchange.