Incumbent sweeps past Higgins with commanding victory

Canadian County, Commissioner's Race, Election 2018
Four polling precincts will be open on Tuesday, Feb. 11 for the Ward 4 Yukon City Council election. (File photo)

By Mindy Ragan Wood
Staff Writer

It was a long night for incumbent Canadian County Commissioner Marc Hader and his opponent Wes Higgins as the polls showed a close race during the primary election Tuesday.

Canadian County Election Board’s preliminary results show Hader won with 58 percent of the votes, a flashback from the last time the two squared off for the seat.

“As far as the margin of the race, it’s about what I expected, as well as almost identical to the outcome of the run-off between Wes and myself four years ago,” Hader said. “I would also say that in light of the unique electorate that showed up at the polls, it would have been very difficult to predict an outcome. When you consider that the State Question 788 supporters came out in mass and, as we all know there has been a growing anti-incumbency sentiment for all offices in recent years. I understand that. So, in light of those factors we are pleased and honored with the outcome.”

Voters consistently complained about roads during the campaign, something that Hader said was an opportunity to discuss with constituents.

“Certainly, almost anyone asks what’s being done about the roads in their area. It was nice to be able to let folks know about all the projects that have already been completed over the last three and a half years, as well as the projects that are in the works such as the two miles of 234th and 192nd streets west of Piedmont Road that we are starting on this week. I often have to explain when the road building season actually cranks up due to temperatures and weather conditions,” Hader said.

Other projects on his desk include roads in and around Yukon.

“People were very excited to hear about the 12-mile project being done jointly between Kingfisher and Canadian counties to reconstruct 12 miles of Waterloo Road. Folks in the Yukon and unincorporated areas to the west are delighted to hear that I’ve been able to bring Oklahoma City and Yukon to the table to talk about improvements to Wilshire Boulevard, and Cemetery Road. When you have multiple jurisdictions working together, it is always a longer and more drawn-out process then anyone would hope,” he said.

Wes Higgins did not post a concession statement to his social media campaign page or returns calls and text messages at press time. Hader said he hopes his opponent’s supporters understand he will represent them as well as those who voted for him.

“As for those who may have voted for Wes, I would like to reassure them that I am here to serve not just my constituents in District 1, but the entire county. All the business that is conducted is on behalf of all of all the citizens. I feel that I have made it very clear in running for office both times that I’ve clearly identified who I am, what my convictions are, and what my goals were. And, that I have kept my word. I hope that’s something that even those who voted against me can appreciate,” he said.