Fast & furious

Yukon police nab teenage suspect after high-speed car chase

Yukon Progress, Yukon Review
A Yukon firefighter watches as a car used in a police chase is towed away from a house that was damaged Tuesday. (Photo by Mindy Ragan Wood)

By Mindy Ragan Wood
Staff Writer

A high-speed chase ended when a teenager drove a car into the side of a home Tuesday at the corner of Yukon Parkway and Cooper Lane.

Yukon police Major Mitch Hoskins was driving north on Yukon Parkway and Vandament Avenue when the light turned green and he witnessed a car pull in front of him and into oncoming traffic. He turned on his lights and a chase began at Yukon Parkway.

“He almost hit the guy (car) next to me. I chased him down here (to Cooper Lane). He took the turn too fast and crashed into the house,” he said. “I see the driver bailing out of the passenger door and I run through the cloud (of debris) after him.”

A Yukon police officer investigates the damage to a house after a juvenile struck the home with his vehicle while trying to elude lawmen earlier this week. (Photo by Mindy Ragan Wood)

Lyndell Sharp lives on the same street and heard the crash.

“The kid jumped over my fence. I saw him and yelled at him and he went back over the other way and ran right into the cop who was coming from the other direction,” he said.
The driver was in for a surprise when Hoskins found him.

“When he came back (over the fence) I drew my gun on him and told him to get on the ground.”

The 17-year-old driver had a passenger who fled the scene.

“In the smoke, I didn’t get a good look at the passenger, couldn’t even get a clothing description,” Hoskins said. “We have a pretty good idea who he is.”

The driver may have been familiar with the area. Two girls, who did not identify themselves asked Hoskins if the driver and passenger met the description of their friends.

“Oh my God are they ok?” one girl asked Hoskins. He told the two that the driver did not appear to be injured.

The teenager was arrested and taken to the Gary E. Miller Canadian County Children’s Justice Center on complaints of eluding a police officer and running a red light.