Steagall Wins House 43

Steagall joins other Republican victories across the state.

Jay and Kim Steagall celebrate at the OK GOP watch party in OKC

Yukon’s Jay Steagall defeated his Democratic opponent to claim the open House District 43 seat Tuesday night.

Steagall earned 9,631 votes (68 percent) while Democrat Chantelle Cory received 4,527 votes (31.9 percent)

Steagall was celebrating in Bricktown at the Oklahoma Republican watch party Tuesday night.

“It’s been a long race but first and foremost I want to give thanks to God for providing a victory for us,” Steagall said. “We’re looking forward to doing all he has planned for us… I want to also thank the voters for putting your trust [in me] and we’re gonna do what we can to properly represent them.”

Steagall thanked all his opponents he ran against during the lengthy campaign, thanking them for clean races and their professionalism.

“I’m looking forward to hearing from them as we move forward,” Steagall said.

Cory released a statement on her campaign Facebook page, congratulating Steagall on his victory and thanking her supporters.

“Congratulations to Jay Steagall. Thank you for a fair campaign. I wish you well in representing House District 43. Thank you to everyone who supported my campaign. We could not have done this without you.”