UPDATE: Suspect in custody after high-speed chase


By Conrad Dudderar

Senior Staff Writer

A suspect Joshua P. Womack, 35, is in custody after a high-speed chase on November 21, in Yukon.

Joshua P. Womack, 35

The pursuit ensued after a resident called the Yukon Police Department at 4:35 p.m. and reported a stolen car that had been taken out of victim’s garage at the 900 block of Majestic Avenue.

A Yukon police officer noticed a car fitting the description and started to follow the vehicle. The suspect attempted the evade the officer, and officers chased the suspect to an area between Morgan Road and County Line Road, just south of I-40.

It was there the suspect took off on foot.

Oklahoma City police officers and Canadian County sheriff’s deputies helped Yukon Police locate the suspect.