Person’s pet peeves grow with age


Normally I don’t talk much about my personal life here. But this is a “personal column”, not an editorial, so give me some lee-way today.

As we age and approach our golden years, we often become cantankerous and obstinate.

We can get set in our ways and unwilling to bend.

Many of us 50 years-and-over folks become our parents, although we won’t admit it. I promise not to turn into that old man sitting on his porch yelling at the neighborhood youth, “Get off my lawn!”

I recently received in the mail an AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) application. Now I’m not quite ready to compete in the senior games or enter a retirement home, but reality is setting in that I’m not young anymore.

I have noticed more that really grinds my gears, such as:

– Adults who don’t pick up after themselves.

During a recent trip to the Aldi grocery store, I watched as a shopper in front of me purposely left their shopping list and other rubbish at the check-out stand assuming, I guess, that I would throw it away for them.

A couple days later, outside a local On-Cue convenience store, a man spilled his coffee on the ground and used paper napkins to clean off his hands. Then he abruptly drove off, leaving his Styrofoam drink cup and soaked napkins on the pavement.
Grow up. Throw away your trash. You are not a child.

– Tailgaters.

You know you’re getting old when everyone passes you on the road, even the bicyclists. Ha, ha.

Seriously though, nothing gets my goad more than drivers who tailgate. This is especially a problem in my “second home state” of New Jersey, where drivers will get right in your rear-view mirror even if you’re going 10 miles OVER the speed limit.

It is not as bad in Oklahoma, but I have noticed I don’t have the tolerance for tailgaters anymore. Back off!

– Drivers who flick cigarette ash and butts out of their car windows.

I witnessed this act of littering in my neighborhood when I was driving home for lunch a few days ago. This bothers me more than ever, and I even honked at the driver as if that’s going to do any good. I guess flipping them off would have elicited a response.

Of course, it’s not just drivers who are guilty. Even a friend of mine who smokes often was chided this past weekend for having cigarette butts strewn along the cracks of her driveway.

– Racists, xenophobes and misogynists.

We all should strive to be accepting of all races and religions. We should tolerate and even embrace the differences in people, no matter their background.

It seems there are still large segments of our population, however, that are fearful of people not like them. Our nation is a melting pot filled with immigrants and their descendants who came to this country to find a better life. And that’s not going to change.

Women, including many women of color, are ascending to positions of leadership in our country. Several of these women will be running for president in 2020. This shows how much we are evolving as a nation.

– People who enter through the exit.

This was witnessed (again) by yours truly last weekend at the Walmart Neighborhood Market. I don’t know why it bothers me so, but it really does. It causes too many unnecessary traffic jams near the front of the store.

There clearly are signs proclaiming “entrance” over the door to enter and “exit” over the door where people leave the store.

How hard is this to figure out?

– Bogus online dating profiles.

As someone who recently tried an online dating forum, this is a newer phenomenon to me. Since nobody talks on the phone anymore (I’m exaggerating just a little), anyone can create a fake profile with pictures of someone else to strike up an online chat.

These dating sites and the Internet police must crack down and stop this nonsense, which often leads to catfishing and, ultimately, money scams.

– Trying to have a meaningful conversation by text.

It can take 20 texts back and forth with someone to resolve an issue that could have been dealt with in a 30-second phone call. Humor and voice tone are sometimes difficult to read in a text message.

The worst is getting caught in a group text or email chain as your phone buzzes incessantly while you’re trying to work.

Let’s try picking up the phone more often and calling our friends! It’s often great to hear their voices and it’s usually a better way to communicate. I always appreciate someone who takes the time and effort to call.

* * *

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