Babies, toddlers crawl and trot to winners’ stage

Titan Ketcher placed 1st for the Baby Crawl competition. Titan, posing with his dad Jim, is 8 1/2 months old and already bringing home the trophies. (Photo by Alyssa Sperrazza)

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By Alyssa Sperrazza
Staff Writer

The 2019 Diaper Dash & Toddler Trot was the cutest competition around as Yukon babies and toddlers faced off Saturday morning at the Jackie Cooper Gym.

The diaper dash was open to babies 6-14 months old and the toddler trot was open to babies up to 18 months. More than a dozen babies competed in the events including the crawling and trotting races and the bottle-throwing competition.

While no babies were really up for throwing the bottle, questioning why you’d waste perfectly good snacks, they were crawling and waddling all over the gym, parents having their own fun chasing them around. The races saw a lot of families bringing first-time competitors as well as their older siblings, some of whom competed when they were of age.

Older siblings who once raced themselves came to cheer on the family’s newest addition, continuing the tradition of competing in the diaper dash and toddler trot.

Darci Agee, who just turned a year old, was there with her dad Rick and her grandma, Kathey Rauh, both cheering her during her race. Rick said while Darci didn’t undergo any intense training for the race, her mom did practice some with her before the big day. Rauh said this was something her two older sisters competed in when they were babies.

“The three girls have all done it now,” Rauh said. “It’s a family tradition.”

Xandr George, 16 months old, was one of the fastest boys on the mat as he raced down towards his mom, smiling the whole time. Xander took home a first-place trophy for the toddler trot. Xandr’s dad, Victor, said he’s been on his feet for some time now which was all the training he needed.

“He’s been walking since right before he turned nine months so he’s had a lot of experience,” Victor said. “He just had a nap before he came so he has so much energy right now.”

Titan Ketcher, at 8 ½ months old, found himself in first place in his first ever competition.

His dad, Jim Ketcher, said they wanted to see his future classmates and possibly teammates if he wants to continue bringing home the trophies.

“His main motivation is food,” Jim said. “And we almost brought the Roomba with us… it’s his favorite and he always goes straight for it.”

Parents were allowed to coax and bribe their babies over the finish line, some using food, others bringing light-up toys and other shiny objects.

Yukon Parks and Rec have several other events coming up, including the Daddy Daughter Dance January 26, from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.