Patriots, Suzanne, auctioneers, Brian


I am going to go out on a limb to start things off this week and let you know how Monday morning’s headline will read and how the front-page layout will look in the Boston Globe.

The headline will be 72-point Helvetica bold and read: BRADY BUNCH. The Globe’s design team will use a photo of Tom Brady hoisting the Vince Lombardi Trophy from Sunday’s Super Bowl victory against the LA Rams and incorporate the other five photos from the Patriots previous wins to create the look of Greg, Peter, Bobby, Marsha, Jan and Cindy (Brady Bunch kids) into a unique front page that will help sell an extra 15,000 copies of one of New England’s best read dailies.

I will let you know next week what the Globe’s Press run was for their Monday edition!

* * *

Can you name the University of Central Oklahoma football player who has three Super Bowl rings? E-mail me your answer and you could win an all-expense paid trip to Eischen’s in beautiful downtown Okarche, Oklahoma. Hint: He started his collegiate career at the University of Oklahoma.

* * *

Our Chamber of Commerce banquet last Friday night was outstanding. The food was tasty, the cocktails were strong, the attendance was plentiful, and the auction items were abundant. I would put our Chamber of Commerce banquet up against any other city in the nation!

I heard nothing but rants and raves from everyone in attendance that our Friday night chamber banquet is always a fun way to kick-off the weekend. Next year, we need State Senator Stephanie Bice to get us an American Flag that has flown over the White House (to auction) and a signed letter from President Donald Trump that congratulates our next H.B. Frank Citizen of the Year award winner.

* * *

Yukon Public School Board member Suzanne Cannon stopped by the office this past Wednesday to invite Conrad Dudderar to lunch and to update me on many happenings here in town. Suzanne is a licensed practitioner counselor and recently relocated her office to the second floor of the Spring Creek Professional Building next door to the Progress.

Suzanne wrote a newspaper column for years called Susie Says and it was very popular. Please let me know if you would like her to start writing her column again. She is witty, insightful and knowledgeable about so many topics and has helped a lot of people.

* * *

Yukon’s Tiffany Chancellor recently started working for the Canadian County Department of Human Services where she told me she gets to help children. Tiffany is a good mom and I know this will be a good place for her to work.

Tiffany is the daughter of the late Judy Chancellor, who many of you knew, was my favorite Democrat…. along with Yukon’s Tim Wagner. Judy left a message for me on my cell phone a few days before she died. I have never erased it and never will.

Judy sold newspaper subscriptions for me years ago. She was so aggravating that people would buy the subscription just to get her off the phone and some would buy a 2-year subscription to get her off their porch! I love Judy and Tiffany Chancellor. Congratulate

Tiffany if you see her today at the Ground Hog dinner.

* * *

How many of you remember Danielle Herron who owned Children’s New World Day Care Centers for many years? I was thinking of Danielle this week and remembering how good she was in business. I will never forget the time I stopped by to see her at her Main Street location and she had a 3-year old sitting on her lap. The little fellow had been crying and Danielle was feeding him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and telling him everything was going to be all right. We need more Danielle’s in the world today!

* * *

I was talking with world famous auctioneer Ken Carpenter this week. I told Ken that fellow auctioneer Tom Manske was the auctioneer at the Chamber of Commerce banquet and that he had really done a nice job of getting top dollar out of all the items last Friday night.

What a surprise it was to find out that Tom has recently gone to work for Ken. Ken is always telling me how poor he is and that he doesn’t have the big bank roll like the other area auctioneers. Please pray for Ken Carpenter today that the Lord will bestow a love gift or Cattleman’s gift card on him to help him in his time of need!

Ken reads every newspaper in this area and always tells me things going on in Canadian County that I didn’t have a clue about. Information is power and Ken Carpenter gets powerful results for his customers.

* * *

Yukon’s Brian White of Edward Jones is going to be one of those financial planner/stock brokers who is going to be around for years and years. Brian is very good on the phone, he does what he says he will do and he is well liked. If your new year’s resolution is to make more money in the stock market call Brian White. The difference is black and WHITE.

Thanks so much for reading. I will see you next Saturday. Would you like a Progress?