Tina Vo enters growing world of CBD industry

Yukon Review, Yukon Progress
Tina Vo, holding scissors, cuts the ribbon during an official Yukon Chamber of Commerce ceremony Feb. 8. Vo owns CBD World at 1010 Garth Brooks Boulevard. (Photo provided)

By Alyssa Sperrazza
Staff Writer

Tina Vo has entered the expanding world of the CBD industry, which has exploded in Canadian County.

Vo also joined the Yukon Chamber of Commerce recently, but importantly, she’s joined a litany of other CBD business owners who are reaping huge profits from a growing market focused on natural healing.

Pam Shelton, the chamber’s CEO, said there have been several CBD stores in the city that have joined the chamber as that industry grows.

“They’ve been very excited about becoming members and we’re glad they’re here,” Shelton said. “We’ve had a variety of new members though, not all have been in the same category. This has included lawn services, restaurants, and a lot of different classifications of businesses.”

Vo, the owner of CBD World at 1010 Garth Brooks Boulevard, was at her nail salon when a CBD business opened up next door, introducing her to the benefits of CBD.

“I started using their product and started googling info about CBD and the wonders it does for the human body,” Vo said. “I started getting really interested in CBD, started to notice a huge difference in mental focus and clarity. It put me in a better mood and made me feel good overall.”

Vo then got her parents using CBD and they too noticed a difference. It was then she decided to open her own CBD store, now owning several in the metro area including Oklahoma City, Norman and Del City. Having witnessed the benefits herself, Vo said she wanted to bring it to her customers and be able to educate them about the product.
Vo opened CBD World in Yukon five months ago as she witnessed the continuing growth potential for local businesses.

“I know Yukon is a growing community so I figured why it’s a good area,” Vo said. “We have so many people that come in here that don’t know anything about CBD. A lot of people drive by and say they’ve never been in a CBD store so they’re really intrigued. In Yukon, there’s a big interest in CBD.”

Vo has educated herself about the benefits of CBD and works to educate her employees as well, all who work to help customers understand the benefits and how it could help them.

“I ask all the costumers about CBD and how it’s doing for them and that motivates me and helps me,” Vo said. “It makes me feel good to know it works for the customers.”

CBD World is located off Vandament and Garth Brooks Blvd, joining the growing number of CBD stores popping up across the state. CBD remains unregulated, unlike medical marijuana, with many stores offering both after Oklahoma voters passed State Question 788, legalizing medical marijuana in 2018.

State Rep. Mickey Dollens (D-93) is introducing a bill during this legislative session to try and establish more formal policies surrounding CBD. The measure seeks to ensure quality by requiring lab testing.