5-star rating

Yukon’s Mays Home Health receives top distinction

Mays Home Health of Yukon is recognized as a five-star agency during a March 28 celebration: Front from left, Stephanie Clawson, Mary Pickett, Kayla Dupree, and Paula Taylor; back from left, Summer Lewis, Salome Sanga, Cathy Claphan, Stephanie Harvey, and Matt Nichols. (Photo by Jeremy Pyle)

By Conrad Dudderar
Senior Staff Writer

A Yukon home health agency has been recognized for sustaining Medicare’s highest rating for nearly a year.

Mays Home Health’s Yukon office, 508 W Vandament – Suite 115, achieved “five-star” agency status in May 2018 through recognition by the Center for Medicare Services.

Achieving five-star status is one thing. Maintaining this distinction is something else.
Home health care companies and agencies will often earn five-star distinction.

“We’ve actually kept it the whole time, so we’ve been five-star every month since May 2018; it’s reassessed monthly,” said Kayla Dupree, Mays Home Health’s regional director for the Oklahoma City metro area. “It’s a one- to five-star rating, and we’ve maintained five-star since May.”

Mays Home Health earned this achievement based largely on high patient satisfaction.
“Medicare sends out surveys after a patient is discharged and they provide their feedback based on the care they receive,” Dupree said.

Mays also has earned high marks based on patient outcomes.

“The goal of home health is to keep people out of the hospital; to allow them to stay safe and at home,” Dupree said. “We need to address any issues they have in the home setting to keep them from the ER (emergency room) and ambulance rides.”

A five-star agency celebration was March 28 at Mays Home Health’s Yukon office in the Spring Creek Building. The party was hosted by the Mays Home Health’s Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QAPI) team.

Mays Home Health is a comprehensive home health care agency that provides a broad range of home health services. The company has more than 40 offices in three states.
Each Mays’ provider has maintained at least a four-star rating and Dupree said it is an honor the local branch has maintained five-star status for such an extended period.

Mays has had a Yukon office for about 12 years and there is a 10-member staff.

Mays Home Health’s other metro branch, an Oklahoma City office at 42nd and S Walker, also has maintained the five-star rating since last May.


With vast competition in the metro area, Mays Home Health officials are confident people considering home health care will look favorably on the local agency’s five-star distinction.

“There are 119 home health competitors in the area, and there are very few that are five-star,” Dupree said.

“Because people have such a wide variety in opportunity and choice when choosing their provider, I think it’s important they know the service they’re provided will be adequate care to Medicare standards.”

Five-star status is more than adequate; it is excellent … as “good as it gets”, she noted.
Many people in the Yukon area who need home health care are unaware they’re eligible to receive it.

In fact, home health provided by companies like Mays is an under-utilized service.

“A lot of people don’t realize they’re entitled to it,” Dupree said. “Home health is covered 100 percent by Medicare.”

Home health care services are not just for people who are deathly ill.

“It is for people who are older and have difficulty leaving home because maybe they’re a fall risk or they use a walker, or they get tired; what people do naturally as they age,” she said.

“They could be provided nursing services at home where a nurse comes and checks on them. We can help with medications, as well as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy; all covered 100 percent.”

Mays Home Health provides clients with round-the-clock access to a nurse.

“Even if their need is just a little physical therapy, to help them walk better or get stronger, they still have access to a nurse on call, 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” Dupree said.

“That’s a huge benefit to people who live at home alone.”

Learn more about Mays Home Health’s services by calling the Yukon office at (405) 354-2958.