Yukon Review newspaper faces eviction


Yukon Review newspaper faces eviction

Yukon Review building foreclosed today by First National Bank and Trust of Chickasha.

By Mindy Ragan Wood

Staff Writer

The Yukon Review newspaper and other tenants could face eviction after the building at 110 S. Fifth Street was foreclosed today.

The property is scheduled for a sheriff’s sale on July 15 by the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office, court records show.

The owner of the building, John M. Settle and Paula G. Settle of Star Communications, was sued by the mortgage holder First National Bank and Trust of Chickasha in January for the unpaid balance of $378,220.85. Also named in the lawsuit was Son of Thunder Properties.

The Settles and Star Communications Corporation bought the Yukon Review in June 2015 from John and Kathy Miller of Son of Thunder Properties. On Jan. 20, 2018, the newspaper announced it was under new ownership with John Settle, attorney Rusty Mulinix and land developer Scott Myrick in a partnership known as Chisholm Trails, LLC.

The Yukon Review newspaper has several offices in the building, which includes businesses that lease space. At least one tenant has moved from the building since the lawsuit was filed.

In addition to the original sum, the bank will be paid interest that accrued when the lawsuit was filed in the amount of $11,664.21 and $77.74 from December 27, 2018. Late charges and attorney fees, accrued property taxes, and foreclosure were also awarded to the bank.

The Yukon Review co-owner and legal counsel Rusty Mulinix had no comment. He told the Yukon Progress in January that the matter would not affect the newspaper.

“The Yukon Review is owned by Chisholm Trails LLC,” he wrote in a prepared statement. “Neither The Yukon Review or Chisholm Trails LLC are parties to the case and are unaffected by the case filing against the building owners. The Yukon Review is merely a tenant in the building, and it will be business as usual for both the newspaper and Chisholm Trails LLC. The lawsuit you reference will have no impact on The Yukon Review.”

The Progress asked Mulinix through an email where The Yukon Review would relocate if evicted by the bank. In an email he wrote that eviction was “hypothetical and unlikely,” but that the newspaper would seek another location for its office in Yukon.

Calls to the First National Bank and Trust of Chickasha and its attorney Angela Caywood Jones were not returned.