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Land sale, reported water park location remain mysteries

Scott Myrick

By Mindy Ragan Wood
Staff Writer

The mystery surrounding the sale of land intended for a large-scale water park continues.

The 57-acre property south of Highway 66 along Frisco Road was supposed to be the site for the Thunder Falls water park, but the situation has changed. The property, owned by Butte Land Investments, is listed for sale at $2.9 million, which is well below the appraised value of $4.8 million, real estate records show.

Yukon’s Scott Myrick, owner of Butte Land Investments, informed the Yukon Progress by email Friday, May 10 that the 57 acres is under contract.  However, that was news to his realtor Sean O’Grady who has the property listed. O’Grady confirmed that the 57 acres will no longer be used for a water park.

“I’ve put in a call to Myrick,” O’Grady said. “I’ve not been able to ascertain whether it (the 57 acres) is under contract or not. I don’t know that it is.”

Typically, listing agents are aware of deals involving properties listed by them.

While the land issue remains a mystery, Myrick stated in a recent email to the Yukon Progress that he could not comment on where the proposed Thunder Falls water park would ultimately be located, but hinted that big things were coming soon because of the deal.

“It’s vital that my side has 100 percent of our ducks in a row prior to going public with a coordinated effort through PR firm [sic],” Myrick wrote. “What’s going on behind the scenes is much bigger than just the water park resort if all goes as planned.”

The water park reportedly will locate on land near Integris Canadian Valley Regional Hospital, a source told the Yukon Progress.

Myrick’s email seemed to imply Yukon officials were involved in either the purchase of the land Myrick is selling or the land he plans to buy for the park’s new location.

“Plus there are number of things that need to be worked out with the City of Yukon to finalize the deal,” he wrote. “So until all the agreements are firmly in place things are still subject to change up until the last minute. (City Manager) Jim (Crosby) and I don’t want to be left with egg on our face by saying one thing and then something else happens. Hope you understand where I’m coming from here. I will let you know just as soon as it’s time to pull the trigger.”

Questions continue to surface about the city’s role with the water park, but officials have remained silent on the issue.

The city stands to make a substantial amount of money if the water park locates inside city limits or on nearby land.

Calls to Myrick and Crosby were not returned at press time.