Ring the bell for Anna Belle Wiedemann


Early Thursday morning, I answered the office phone and was greeted by the familiar voice of one of this state’s most powerful women. Now, most of you are probably thinking that Nedra Funk called me to line-me-out about something or Carolyn Henthorn was calling to make sure we covered something happening here in town.

No. On the other end of the phone line was the living legend Anna Belle Wiedemann who recently relocated from Piedmont to Yukon. I have always had a lot or respect for Anna Belle and have heard stories from the past about how she helped Redlands Community College grow to what it is today. Her hard work has helped so many students get into and through college, just to say the least!

Let me remind you about this wonderful and powerful woman. Anna Belle who was born on July 22, 1931 in a country home near Piedmont, to parents John and Ruby Palmer, is a former politician and was elected in 1972 to represent Oklahoma House District 43.

Her late husband Carl and her were active in ranching and farming and owned the Slash C Ranch. She married Carl right out of Okarche High School and after working on the family farm for several years, went to work for Dr. Leroy Goodman at his Main Street office here in Yukon. She was elected in 1967 to serve in the Oklahoma House of Representatives and did so until 1972.

After serving in the legislature, she used her experience to work in several positions in the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture. From 1984 -1994 she served as the director of Domestic and International Marketing. She was appointed as a member of the Canadian County Commissioners by Governor George Nigh and in 1991 was recognized as the Oklahoma Mother of the Year and in 1995 she was voted Cattlewoman of the Year by the Oklahoma Cattlewomen’s Association.

What has always amazed me is what she did in that position by developing the advertising campaign using the “Made in Oklahoma” logo. In my opinion, she needs to be a regular guest speaker in the marketing departments at OSU, OU and UCO. Anna Belle Wiedemann IS “Made in Oklahoma” and while many District 43 state representatives have followed her, everyone of them will tell you they couldn’t carry her bag through the airport when it comes to what she has achieved.

Thank you, Anna Belle, for everything you have done for this community, county and state.

* * * * *

Longtime Yukon sports editor Chuck Reherman called me Wednesday night to discuss next Saturday’s annual Yukon Millers Sports Photo Year in Review. Chuck told me he has enough action sports photos of all of Yukon’s athletes to fill 24 extra pages.

For those of you who know Chuck, you already know this is just how he rolls. He is passionate about his job and loves making these students look like professional athletes every week in his sports section. Chuck is known throughout the state and has outlived many of the publishers he has worked for during his 40-plus years in this industry.

So, what do you do when Oklahoma’s No. 1 newspaper sports guy calls you and directs you to sell ads to support his special section that all the parents and grandparents know is about to publish? You get those ads sold. Chuck knows more about the newspaper business than I do, and I highly respect him and what he gets done each week.

Chuck is just like the woodwork in the Yukon Public School system athletic departments. Everyone knows him and sees him covering the teams. His annual sports photos section really helps us sell a lot of newspapers. His photos adorn many office walls of parents and grandparents around Yukon and Oklahoma City. The next time you see him, tell him you appreciate his 43 years of capturing those special memories of your children participating in their athletic endeavors.

* * * * *

Be the first person to send me an email with the correct answer to this question and I will mail you a fried chicken voucher to Eischen’s in scenic downtown Okarche, Oklahoma.
Chuck Reherman has taken photos for which of the following?

  • Oklahoma Highway Patrol
  • Sallisaw Police Department
  • Sequoyah County Sheriff’s department
  • Las Vegas Review-Journal
  • Kardashian Law Firm

* * * * *

My condolences to the family of Wes Higgins who died at his home May 16. Wes has been in my office every four years, for as long as I can remember, campaigning for county commissioner and always letting me know that he knew he was the right man for that job. He always told me about his church, Trinity Lutheran, and his relationship with the Lord.
I always pictured him on a big bulldozer or backhoe getting things done while this beam of light shined down from Heaven upon him. Thanks so much for reading. I will see you next Saturday. Would you like a Progress?