VIDEO: Gov. Stitt gives shout out to six-year-old Yukon resident

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt speaks to a multi-chamber of commerce audience in Mustang Thursday during a luncheon. (Photo by Mindy Ragan Wood)

[See video below]

Via Jeff V. Wootton, Yukon City Councilman

“Van (6 years old) loves going to meetings with me, and enjoys going to any event where he can introduce himself and meet people. When Van heard that I was going to a luncheon for the city council and that the governor was going to be there, he wanted to go with me. He ran off to his room grabbed his tie, his button up and his jacket and started to get dressed. when I told him that it was only certain number of seats and that he couldn’t go with me this time even though he said he would stand or sit on my lap or whatever, he was heartbroken that he couldn’t go and meet the governor. So after the governor spoke I went up to him to introduce myself and I told him about my little boy and how he wanted to meet him. Then governor said how about we make a video for him. So we made this 10 second video that ended up making this 6 year old’s week.”