Hundreds of icy drinks given away on 7-11 day in Yukon

Darcy Ellis of 7-11 at Holly and Vandament in Yukon sighs in relief after Thursday's 7/11 Free ICY day. Darcy said the store gave away 1,532 free Icy Drinks.

Begun in 1953, 7-Eleven Stores is one of Oklahoma’s leading gasoline and convenience products retailers. Always growing, with 111 locations across Central Oklahoma, 7-Eleven provides a one-of-a-kind customer experience, including: no-surcharge ATMs, 7th Heaven Bakeries® products, outstanding customer service and 7-Eleven’s famous Big Gulp® and Icy Drink®.

7-Eleven in Oklahoma is proudly local and independent from 7-Eleven NATIONAL, which means Oklahomans get deals and offers no one else in the country receives.

With their hard-working team of sales associates, store managers and support staff, they’ve grown from Store #1, still in operation at the intersection of NW 23rd and Portland in Oklahoma City, to 111 locations in Central Oklahoma.