Former YPS teacher jailed

Rob Davis

By Mindy Ragan Wood
Staff Writer

A former Yukon high school teacher and children’s book author has been arrested on a sexual battery complaint, Oklahoma City police records show.

Robert Brian Davis, 40, of Yukon, was arrested Tuesday, July 16 after police investigated an allegation from a woman who claims Davis drugged and then raped her.

Davis has been suspended by the Norman Public School District where he was an assistant principal at Norman High School, a statement from the district reads.

The former YHS teacher was employed by the district, Superintendent Jason Simeroth confirmed Thursday. Davis was the 2016-2017 District Teacher of the Year as the high school’s talented history teacher.

Simeroth said the district had no complaints against Davis and that he left YHS to take a job with the Norman district.

Police responded to a Midwest City hospital where a woman reported being raped in May.
The alleged victim told police that she was at Davis’s house on May 23 to take his son to T-ball because Davis was at work.

“She said he arrived at around 11:30 p.m. and had gotten sweet tea from McDonald’s for her and his son,” the report states. “She went into the kitchen and was sitting at the bar drinking it when he came into the kitchen. She said she remembers thinking that her words were becoming slurred and she wasn’t feeling so good, so she went outside to get fresh air. She said he followed her outside and noticed she did not have much ice left in her drink and offered to get some more. He took her cup and went inside. When he came back, she noticed the tea tasted a little bit different like peach tea. She said she started feeling even worse and decided to go lay down. She remembers standing up to go inside and does not remember much else after that. She said she vaguely remembers waking up at some point to him sitting on the bed beside her.”

In the same report, the victim told detectives that she woke up the next morning to Davis calling her phone at 9:33.

“She told him, ‘You drugged me,’” the officer’s report reads. He paused and said he added “peach schnapps” to her drink. “She said she had different clothes on in the morning.”

The report states that she reported injuries to her neck and throat and non-menstrual bleeding. A rape test kit was completed and is being stored as evidence.

Police served Davis a search warrant at his Yukon area residence, 14005 Savannah River Way, and investigators believe there are more victims based on the items found during their search of Davis’ home.

Davis is the author of “Hoobachoo,” a children’s book published by Tate Publishing, a Christian publishing company. The biography on his book shows that he was a football coach at Canton High School in Canton, Oklahoma and lived previously on a Caribbean island, St. Kitts where he worked as a teacher, archaeologist and safari guide.

He won Teacher of the Year in Canton where he worked from 2006 to 2013. He joined YPS in 2013 and resigned in 2018. He was a state finalist for Teacher of the Year for Yukon in 2018. Davis also taught in Goodwell in 2003-2004 and Wellston in 2005.