Identity theft and drugs

Prosecutors allege woman had 18 forged checks, other IDs

Kerrie Dawn Witt

By Conrad Dudderar
Senior Staff Writer

A felon has been charged with identity theft and drug possession after the woman was found with methamphetamine, 18 forged checks and many debit/credit cards belonging to other people.

Oklahoma City’s Kerrie Dawn Witt (AKA Hawkins), 41, was charged July 16 in Canadian County District Court with unlawfully obtaining personal identifying information and unlawful possession of controlled dangerous substance.

Formal charges stem from Witt’s arrest on July 8 at a Yukon trailer park.

Because of the defendant’s previous felony convictions, she faces three years to life in prison on her most recent charges.

Prosecutors allege Witt obtained the names, personal identifying information, Social Security numbers, bank account and routing numbers, credit card numbers, and PIN numbers of multiple victims “with the intent to use and allow others to use that information (to) obtain or attempt to obtain money, credit, goods, property or service” without the victims’ consent, according to court documents.

Witt allegedly had methamphetamine in her possession when she was arrested.

The case is detailed in a Yukon police report filed by officer Zach Van Dyke, who was on routine patrol at about 7:25 a.m. July 8 at Neumayer Mobile Home Park, 400 S Ranchwood.
The officer startled Witt, who was sitting in the passenger-side front seat of a Chrysler 200 parked in the driveway of a trailer known for criminal activity.

Police observed marijuana on the passenger-side floorboard and found two pocket-knives on Witt after patting her down, according to the police report.

Because marijuana was in plain view, officer Van Dyke searched the vehicle. The Chrysler 200 belongs to a Neumayer resident who would not come out of her trailer despite officers knocking several times on her doors and windows.

While concluding the vehicle search, Van Dyke discovered a black purse on the passenger-side floorboard sitting at Witt’s feet. The purse allegedly contained two small bags with residue that field tested positive for meth. Police also say they found a glass pipe and rolling papers.

That’s when things really got interesting.

“The purse also contained 18 forged and altered checks, displaying a mixture of different account numbers and different names,” according to the police report.

Inside a female’s wallet found in the purse were seven credit cards, two identification cards and a health insurance card that belonged to other people.

Police also allegedly discovered an altered Social Security card, other miscellaneous cards and papers with “copious amounts” of different account numbers, routing numbers, debit/credit card numbers, and personal identification numbers contained in the wallet and purse.


Witt claimed the purse did not belong to her, according to the police report.

However, officers reportedly found several pieces of identifying documents inside the wallet and purse – such as the altered Social Security card, handwritten notes Witt had signed and McClain County jail documents bearing her name and signature.

Witt was arrested at 8:39 a.m. July 8 and booked into the Yukon City Jail before being taken to the Canadian County Jail in El Reno.

Witt already had a long felony rap sheet in Oklahoma County District Court.

She has previous felony convictions stretching from September 2009 to July 2013 for attempting to obtain controlled dangerous substance by a forged prescription, possession of a taken credit card, concealing stolen property, falsely personating another, second-degree burglary, second-degree forgery, and possession of counterfeit note/instrument.

A felony case for uttering a forged instrument is pending against Witt in McClain County District Court. She also has a pending arrest warrant for failure to appear for a court hearing in that case.