Pro-grass, free fair, Tide, Don Wallace


Our circulation manager and former longtime Piedmont Sonic manager Jeremy Pyle told me this week that we should open a marijuana dispensary here in Yukon and heavily advertise it throughout Canadian County in our other newspapers.

I told Jeremy that I knew about ink and not that much about grass. Jeremy told me we could name the store Yukon Pro-grass……I suggested Miller High Life!

Don’t worry. The only quarter pound items I am selling is this big, thick newspaper!

* * * * *

Doug Tippens called this week to make sure we had all the Canadian County Free Fair information ready to publish in his annual advertising. Doug is really working hard to increase this year’s attendance. Our Canadian County Commissioners Marc Hader, Jack Stewart and David Anderson are looking down the road a few years to grow the fair and possibly tie it into a larger event with the plans for the new convention arena on the map.

Everyone has told me if our commissioners can land a big-name concert or cowboy-related event that will draw a lot of people, then they can be successful. I am not worried about the cowboys as much as I am the Indians over at Concho.

* * * * *

Andrea Griffin from the Yukon Parks and Recreation Department texted me Monday and told me that she sang Saturday in the Park all day long and just couldn’t get that song out of her head! I told her groups like Chicago, Fleetwood Mac and Journey just all have that effect on pretty women! I guess that’s why Ozzy Ozbourne, Judas Priest and Dokken have the effect they have on me!

* * * * *

I have been doing some research about bringing a TIDE franchised laundromat to the area. For those of you who have been over to my house at Christmastime all of you know that I usually receive 25-50 giant bottles of TIDE boxed and wrapped under my Christmas Tree. I love clean clothes and have always liked to watch how much money some of those laundromats bring in. Stay tuned and I will spin cycle you some more information.

* * * * *

Spanish Cove’s Jill Huff and I talked last week about a 50th anniversary statewide newspaper that I want to distribute through our Oklahoma Press Association network here in a couple more years. I had the honor and privilege to develop and distribute the 25th anniversary edition when Diana Garcia and Sherman Huff were managing things.
It was a memorable marketing piece that captured the spirit of the greatest generation this world has ever known. I already have two significant advertisers who I have known for years that want to be a part of this 250,000+ press run. I hope to have the Warren Buffet -owned Tulsa World print and distribute this beast if that gives you a hint at who we are dealing with.

Berkshire Hathaway, Spanish Cove, Yukon Oklahoma, 50-year-celebration? Are you kidding me? We are going to have fun with this one! Trump might show up just to spar with Warren but of course I will at least get the flag that flew over the White House on anniversary day for the Cove to display forever!

* * * * *

I was talking with Okarche Mayor Jeff Sadler this week discussing the upcoming school year. Jeff told me he wants to promote Okarche’s annual Okarchefest “over there in Yukon.” Sadler said he knows a lot of people from Yukon drive over to Okarche to eat Eischen’s chicken and he wants them to see the activities they have in their town.

Jeff has worked for Chickasaw Telecom for years and he knows I have had two of their phone systems in our newspaper offices. Okarche people come over here for the Czech Fest, so I think it is OK for a few of us Yukon people to go over to the Chick-fest!

* * * * *

I am working on a proposal to Yukon’s Don and Pat Wallace to develop a fish fry mix with their photo on the package. I want everyone to sample the recipe we are working on and will soon have an announcement for a location for everyone to try it. Jesus fed the multitudes with fish and loaves. I hope Don and Pat will walk on water and help me with the hushpuppies and onion rings!

* * * * *

Back in 2006 when I ran the Edmond Sun, I leased a luxury coach tour bus and took about 40 of our longtime senior citizen subscribers to Riverwind casino to show our appreciation for their longtime business.

We treated these seniors with snacks such as Sun chips and Sunkist and gave them $20 a piece to play the penny slot machines. We told them we would have them all back home in Edmond by 1:30 for their afternoon nap, which they all thought was hilarious! That idea came to me again this week whenever I saw Rick Cacini in the photograph with all our veterans at the baseball game in OKC.

The Yukon Progress is planning to make next month a September to Remember for some of our senior citizen readers who like activities and slot machines! Stay tuned and I’ll get you all the information.

Thanks so much for reading. I will see you next Saturday. Would you like a Progress?