House hunting with friends

Yukon realtor couple enjoys their time in limelight

Friends show support for Yukon’s popular real estate couple at the HGTV House Hunters’ watch party Aug. 29 in Oklahoma City: From left, Troy and Denise Schroder of The Schroder Team, Erin Workman, and Tracy and Dale Bogle of First American Mortgage. (Photo by Erik Jackson)

By Conrad Dudderar
Senior Staff Writer

It was a packed house for the airing of a Yukon real estate pair’s latest featured HGTV House Hunters’ episode.

“You are the reason why we’re standing here,” Yukon realtor Denise Schroder told an audience filled with friends, customer and fellow real estate professionals. “Our success is your success. I truly mean that. Thank you for everyone who has supported us, loved us and allowed us to just be ‘crazy’ on this journey.”

Denise and husband Troy Schroder, of the Schroder Team, were the center of attention for a House Hunters’ watch party on Aug. 29 at the Credit Union House of OK Event Center in Oklahoma City.

Invited guests joined the Schroders to watch the episode titled “Playing Musical Houses in Oklahoma City.”

In the episode, Troy and Denise Schroder looked at three houses within their $500,000-$600,000 budget before choosing what was described as a “fairytale dollhouse.”

Their new 5,000-square foot Yukon house is on Lake Drive east of the Kilpatrick Turnpike near Lake Overholser. The unique, Victorian Beach-inspired custom home features four bedrooms, 5-1/2 baths, three living areas, two offices, and in-ground pool.

The Schroders bought the house for $600,000 before a $50,000 remodel.

“We’ve made it our own and put our stamp on it,” Denise Schroder told watch party attendees. “We’re going to have an open house where you can come over and check it out.

“So many of you have trusted us through your largest financial investment and were leaning on us to make a difference with your lives. But in turn, you really made a difference in ours. We do really try to serve like we’re ‘chosen’.”

The Yukon real estate duo, who sell more than 100 houses a year, had been the listing agents for the Lake Drive house before deciding to make it their latest new home. It marked their fourth move in three years.

“I have loved his house for so long and it was my dream listing,” Denise Schroder said. “I had always dreamed of living in a house like this.

“It is a fantastic house and I love the charm of that space.”


This was the third House Hunters’ episode featuring the Yukon realtors, with others airing in 2014 and 2017. About 96 million households watch House Hunters, which takes viewers behind the scenes as prospective buyers decide which home is meant for them.

The Aug. 29th episode had a unique twist.

When Denise Schroder worked at Yukon High School before becoming a realtor, she had taken photos at this Yukon “Dollhouse” for an eighth-grade girls’ dance.

“I can remember that feeling walking up the walkway to come take pictures here 10 years ago, thinking I could never live in a place this magical or incredible,” she said.

Fortunes changed after Denise married Troy Schroder, who previously was her Fed/Ex delivery driver. The Yukon couple launched their real estate career six years ago and eventually were asked to list the Lake Drive house for sale.

Denise Schroder even put on her wedding dress and “big party store” diamond ring for an open house video with the theme, “You’ll love this house so much you will want to marry it!”

Right before the open house, the seller said to her, “You love this house so much, you should buy it.”

Denise Schroder initially shrugged it off, but she and Troy were soon in negotiations to buy the house.

“We are living happily ever after in this landmark home in Yukon also known as ‘The Dollhouse’,” she said.


Before the House Hunters’ episode aired, several people familiar with Troy and Denise Schroder talked about the impact they’ve had on the real estate industry.

“What I love about Troy and Denise is that it’s not work to them,” pastor Ronnie Brumley said. “It’s passion. And it’s really about people.

“The most valuable part of what they do is how they’re able to connect with people who are experiencing pain and may be going through some tough times in life. They’re able to be a part of helping them take a next step.”

The Schroders wake up with a “fire in their belly” and a love that has “no ceiling,” their pastor added.

Lisa Kalman, a longtime escrow closer at Chicago Title Oklahoma, works frequently with the Schroders and believes they make her a better person.

“These two have impressed me from the very beginning for many reasons,” she said. “One of the best qualities about them is how genuine they are. Denise can jump up and give you a hug, and you know she truly cares about you.

“It’s a very emotional time in people’s lives to buy and sell real estate, and they get to the nuts and bolts of what your situation is. And they are caring and compassionate. Along with that, they bring fun to the transaction.”

The Schroder Team’s innovative marketing efforts sets them apart from most realtors, Kalman added.

“I do not have enough good things to say about these two,” she said. “They are just the ‘salt of the Earth’. You get a team of two that cares about every detail of the transaction.”


Troy and Denise Schroder have served more than 480 families with more than $90 million in home sales since starting their real estate career in 2013.

Barbara Sander, longtime home warranty representative at Old Republic in Oklahoma City, said the Schroders’ rise has been “meteoric.”

“Watching Troy and Denise rise to the top of this business has been one of my greatest joys,” Sander said.

Sander, who became a realtor in 1973, called the Schroders loyal and dependable while always taking care of their customers.

“It’s been fun for me to watch them grow and watch them become the top producers that they are,” Sander said.

Former YHS softball coach Erin Workman heard about Denise Schroder’s aspirations and dreams when they worked together at the high school.

Workman wondered if it was wise for Denise and her new husband Troy to quit their jobs to pursue real estate careers.

But she’s not surprised by the Schroders’ success because of their drive and desire.

“I want to praise them for being true servants of the Lord,” Workman said. “It’s not just about the money. They’re there to ensure people have an excellent experience while going through buying or selling their home.”