10 Hot Tips for Back to School 

John Alberts

Each year when kids go back to school and start activities there are a few things one should keep in mind.

  1. Make sure ALL contact information at the school office and on your Parent- Portal has the correct information for BOTH parents. Also, make sure Both parents have access to the Parent Portal. This should be done at the start of each school year.
  1. When it comes time for Parent/Teacher conferences, it is okay for each parent to request a different time with your child’s teacher.
  1. Schedules get very hectic during the school year. Using an App like “Google Calendar” is helpful. Another App, “Our Family Wizard” is one you can install on your phone. In my opinion these Apps are helpful with planning and keeping track of kids and who is going to what by when.
  1. While attending activities…remember one thing, your child should never feel uncomfortable in the presence of both of their parents. If you cannot get along, propose a every other event rotation, your child will feel relieved.
  1. If you know about a scheduling conflict/issue, do not wait until the last minute to try to resolve the situation.
  1. Your child is a God’s blend of two parents. Do not try to convince your child God got it wrong and your genetics are superior to the other parent’s genetics.
  1. Encourage teachers, coaches, and others in your child’s life to include both parents when providing information. You can help this happen by providing the other parent’s contact information to teachers, coaches, and others so both parents can be on the group APPs.
  1. Always keep the other parent informed of changes with health insurance coverage, phone numbers, addresses, and other changes that involve the child. When you get a new insurance card, take a picture and send it to the other parent by text or email the day that you receive the new card.
  1. Remember the child’s belongings are the child’s. The items are to travel back and forth with the child. That is the position of most if not all of judges in the central Oklahoma Courts. Do not make your child strip off their clothes when they get to your house and then make them put those same clothes back on to return to the other parent’s house. Do you use your child as a messenger, do not send them with child support, bills, notes, or items with them to give to the other parent.
  1. Doing these things will make you look good in front of the judge, if you ever do have to return to court. However, more importantly…if you do these things…you can stay out of court. Save the money you would to spend on an attorney and take a nice vacation with your child next summer.

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