Child sex targets

Former Yukon Mason jailed on child porn complaint; numerous nude images found

Walter Stumpf

By Mindy Ragan Wood
Staff Writer

Canadian County Sheriff Investigators are asking the public to come forward after they discovered evidence that a Mason may have targeted prepubescent girls for sex.

Deputies arrested Walter Stumpf, 66, of Yukon, on Sept. 9 on a complaint that he uploaded images of child pornography through AOL and Yahoo.

The two email service providers audited his email accounts and discovered the account contained nude videos of children. The information was given to the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children who turned notified OSBI. CCSO is part of OSBI’s task force for internet crimes against children.

Investigators identified the user of the account as Stumpf. He was living at a residence located north of Yukon, in the Surrey Hills edition near Northwest Highway.

Investigators obtained a search warrant for his home where Stumpf told deputies he enjoyed watching nudist videos. Stumpf said he did not believe nudist videos of prepubescent children where the camera focused on the private parts of children was illegal, the investigator’s report reads.

Stumpf stated he used his computer to download videos. Investigators found two flash drives plugged into his computer. The flash drives contained multiple images of prepubescent children nude. Once investigators concluded Stumpf was in possession of child pornography, he was arrested.

Also recovered on Stumpf’s desktop computer were sexual fantasy stories between himself and children. These stories featured sexual relationship between a child as young as seven years old and himself. The introduction to the story also states he is a pedophile and a lover of young girls. These stories describe the victims coming from the Rainbow Girls and DeMolay organizations. These organizations have close ties to the Masons where Stumpf was a member of the Yukon Masonic Lodge.

Yukon Rainbow Girls and DeMolay board Chairman Ridge Smith said Stumpf transferred to the Yukon lodge from New Jersey in 2015 but then moved his membership to an Oklahoma City lodge in August 2017.

“He is not a member of our lodge,” Smith said. “He used to come, irregularly. He was not associated with our youth groups.” Canadian County Sheriff Captain Adam Flowers said they found “documents to fill out to become one (an advisor). I do not believe he ever was an advisor.”

Investigators discovered that Stump visited websites featuring stories on raping and killing children, the report states. These stories are labeled as “snuff” stories. He visited the website multiple times. Investigators reviewed the stories on the website and confirmed the premise of the stories describe kidnapping, raping, torturing, and then killing children.
“As much as I hate to admit it, I would be seriously surprised if Stumpf hasn’t left a trail of carnage behind,” Canadian County Sheriff Chris West said. “We are asking for anyone who has been a victim to call us at the Sheriff’s Office.”

Investigators also conducted a thorough forensic examination of the electronic devices seized from Stumpf’s residence at the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies recovered more than 500 images and videos including 34 DVDs of nudist movies featuring children as young as 2 years old nude. Stumpf had more 34 hours of video featuring child pornography.

Stumpf bonded out of jail but was arrested again Tuesday for 35 additional child pornography complaints. His bond has been set at $900,000.

Investigators confirmed Stumpf had served a total of three shifts as a Yukon Public School subsititute teacher. He also served as a Putnam City Schools substitute teacher.