Plans for new Yukon water park on hold

Officials say Thunder Falls will not be located in city limits, new developer interested in land

Jim Crosby, Yukon City Manager

By Mindy Ragan Wood
Staff Writer

Plans for a Thunder Falls water park have evaporated but it may not be the last chance for Yukon to have a grand scale water playground.

Land developer Scott Myrick announced in 2018 Thunder Falls would be complete by 2020 but the plans did not materialize.

Yukon City Manager Jim Crosby said the last he heard the park was going to be located elsewhere.

“He (Myrick) said he was going to locate it on some of the land he owns on 23rd street in Oklahoma City,” Crosby said.

A 57-acre tract of land that was planned for the park was for sale at a price well below the value earlier this year. It is located north of Interstate 40 and west of Frisco Road, also known as NW 23rd Street.

Property records as of Thursday did not show if the property had sold. There was some possibility that the park would be located to land to the north of that property the city of Yukon planned to use as a sports complex.

Crosby did not have further information about the former plans to locate the park in Yukon.
It may not be time to give up on those plans yet. Another developer wants to put a water park in Yukon.

“We have a guy, a developer who’s looking at a property to put one in,” Crosby said. “He’s trying to buy some land out here if he can get it closed out.”

Crosby said he could not disclose the name of the developer because the developer didn’t want to speak about his plans at this time.

Phone numbers listed for Myrick and spokesman Phillip Cove were disconnected.