Christian Brothers’ National Day of Service helps single parents stay on the road

Yukon Christian Brothers Automotive employees truly got into the spirit of the company’s National Service Day, held Oct. 12 – a chance for the company to provide no-cost repairs to area single parents.

By Traci Chapman

Contributing Writer

Yukon’s Christian Brothers Automotive last weekend made life just a little easier for area single moms, during its third annual National Day of Service – through an effort that ensured parents could get to their jobs and their kids to school safely by providing a host of no-cost automotive services.

“It’s very important to us to ensure we are providing not just automotive services in a conscientious and professional manner, but also that we’re doing something for the community and lending a helping hand where it might be needed,” Yukon Christian Brothers franchise owner Tom Beadel said. “That’s where National Day of Service comes in.”

A wider corporate effort by CBA held the second Saturday in October, National Service Day is a chance for local store owners to do what they do best – but with a twist, Beadel said. The annual event provides services to single mothers at no cost, as a way to ensure they can remain mobile and independent, without worry about how they might be able to afford the cost of automotive services.

While across the board the company in 2018 had 100 percent store participation, some locations – like Yukon – chose to take things a step further, not only providing automotive services to single parents, but also giving them a chance to relax and unwind with their children as staff ensured their cars were in working order.

“This is truly a community effort, as well as a fun competition between franchises, which in the process not only helps people but also provides us, as owners, a chance to let our employees shine as they use their talents to benefit those who can truly use them,” Beadel said.

Last year, CBA Yukon performed 40 oil changes, eight brake jobs and replaced 16 sets of tires, in addition to totally replacing a vehicle engine and purchasing one single mother a car because hers could not be safely repaired, Beadel said; this year, those efforts went up a notch, as 70 single mothers Saturday received services that helped ensure they could safely operate their vehicles and stay on the road.

Also on hand were partners like Napa, O’Reilly, Advance Auto, Auto Zone, XL Parts and Chick-fil-A, which provided everything from parts and supplies for those repairs to vehicle roadside kits, car accessories and food – grilling hamburgers for families and a bounce house to provide something fun to do while they waited for their cars to come out of the service bay.

“We are so thankful to have the kind of community partners we do – in addition to these companies, we also have Bikes4Kids, who’s delivering bikes and toys for kids, individuals like Bill Baker and Yanda & Son (Funeral Home) director Homer Cobb, who coordinated moving cars in and out of the bays and, of course, our employees, who really got into the spirit of service,” Beadel said. “We are truly blessed.”

Partners are always welcome to take part in the CBA annual effort; anyone interested in joining next year’s National Service Day is welcome to contact Beadel at 405-350-2338 or visit Christian Brothers’ Yukon franchise, located at 742 Garth Brooks Blvd.