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Taste buds ready? Spanish Cove now in catering business

Ian McRee (left), assistant director of Culinary and Catering Services; and Eric Peters, director of Culinary and Catering Services at Spanish Cove Retirement Village. (Photo provided)

By Esther Winterfeldt

Cove Correspondent

Get your taste buds ready as Spanish Cove is now in the catering business.

Eric Peters, director of Culinary and Catering Services, and his team are providing a wide variety of options for your catering needs. To date they have catered boxed lunches, party trays, open houses, luncheons, dinners, and brunches.

Custom packages are their specialty! They are prepared to help community groups and families celebrate in a festive way with delicious catered foods.

Their pastry chef is available to help design cakes to accent any occasion. Both large and small groups can find food selections at moderate prices.

Spanish Cove Catering, the 500th member of the Yukon Chamber of Commerce, just started serving the broader Yukon community this past March. The response has been very positive in both large and small settings.

“We are getting lots of calls and have received very pleasing comments from the customers we have served,” Peters said.

Peters has been the culinary director at Spanish Cove for 28 years. Residents of Spanish Cove appreciate that his department offers a wide variety of delicious foods every day.

The department also delivers to residents in apartments if there is a need to do so.

Peters recognizes that older age adults often have special dietary needs as well as a lifetime of food likes and dislikes.

He and his team take resident preferences, regional favorites, local products, global influences, and good nutrition into consideration when planning and preparing menus.

For your next event, contact Spanish Cove Catering for information at: Eric Peters, director of Culinary and Catering Services, at 350-5110 /; or Ian McRee, assistant director of Catering Services, at 350-5129 /

This “Living Longer Better” column is written by special correspondent Esther Winterfeldt at Spanish Cove Retirement Village in Yukon.