Youth Free Throw Contest winners announced

Finals set Jan. 28 at 'Canadian County Bedlam'

Winners in the 6-7 age bracket were, from left, first place (girls), Tinley Pierson; first place (boys), Jackson Smith; second place, Benson Ritchey, and third place, Landon Ferguson. (Photo by Cara Pattison)
Winners in 8-9 age bracket were, from left, first place, Max Schlegel; second place, Brayson Beale; and third place, Eric Bryant. Not pictured in the first-place girls’ competition winner, Avery Nelson. (Photo by Cara Pattison)

Winners have been announced in Yukon Parks & Recreation’s 20th Annual Youth Free Throw Contest on Friday, Jan. 3 at the Jackie Cooper Gym, 1024 E Main.

6-7 Boys

1st Jackson Smith

2nd Benson Ritchey

3rd Landon Ferguson

6-7 Girls

1st Tinley Pierson

8-9 Boys

1st Max Schlegel

Winners in the 10-11 age bracket were, from left, first place, Jagen Barrett; second place, Everett Doctorman; and third place, Boston Campeotto. Not pictured is girls’ first place winner Mia Bromlow.(Photo by Cara Pattison)

2nd Brayson Beale

3rd Eric Bryant

8-9 Girls

1st Avery Nelson

10-11 Boys

1st Jayen Burrett

2nd Boston Campeotto

3rd Everett Doctorman

10-11 Girls

1st Mia Bromlow

12-13 Boys

1st Easton Doctorman

2nd Mason Jernigan

Winners in the 12-13 age bracket were, from left, fourth place, Branson Matthew; second place, Mason Jernigan; third place, Teagan Johnson; and first place, Easton Doctorman. (Photo by Cara Pattison)

3rd Teagan Johnson

Thirty boys and girls competed in four age brackets. Winners from each group will compete against the Mustang Free Throw Contest winners on Jan. 28 at Mustang High School.

Organized by Jackie Cooper Gym facility supervisor Tyler Kilmer and his staff, the event brought out a large crowd.