Four precincts open Feb. 11 for Ward 4 election

Voters to cast ballots for Yukon City Council seat


Four Canadian County polling precincts will be open on Tuesday, Feb. 11 for the City of Yukon’s municipal primary election:

201 – Richland Nazarene Church, 10825 N 6th (in Richland).

204 – Yukon First Church of the Nazarene, 525 E Main.

206 – Bethel Community Church (Bradford Family Life Center), 4901 N Sara Road.

210 – Yukon Fine Arts Auditorium, 850 Yukon Ave.

Ken Wilkins
Aric Gilliland

Registered voters will cast ballots for Ward 4 City Council member. Ken Wilkins and Aric Gilliland are candidates for the next four-year term that begins in May.

Since only two candidates filed for the seat, the winner will be determined at the Feb. 11th primary and there is no need for a general election.

The current Ward 4 representative, Mayor Mike McEachern, cannot seek another term in office due to council term limits.

Meanwhile, five Canadian County precincts will be open Feb. 11 for a Piedmont school district bond election:

200 – Surrey Hills Baptist Church, 12421 N Mustang Road – Yukon.

202 – Richland Nazarene Church, 10825 N 6th (in Richland).

503 – Light Your World Church, 4550 NW Expressway – Okarche.

504 – Piedmont United Methodist Church, 2525 N Piedmont Road.

506 – Piedmont First Baptist Church, 15 Jackson Ave. N.W.

One precinct will be open Feb. 11 for a Geary school district bond election:

406 – New Life Assembly of God Church, 8155 S Highway 281, Geary.