185 students attend YHS Pom and Cheer winter spirit clinic

Halftime performance highlights annual program

Yukon varsity Pom member Ava Griffin dances alongside the young beginners during halftime of the Jan. 7th girls' varsity basketball game inside the Yukon High School gym. (Photo by Chuck Reherman)

By Madilyn Moore

Contributing Writer

Yukon High School Pom and Cheer hosted the winter spirit clinic Jan. 6 before members performed alongside their young apprentices during halftime of the Jan. 7 girls’ varsity basketball game.

One spirit clinic is held in the fall for football and one clinic is held in the winter for basketball. Both are available for students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade.

Yukon High School Pom girls Gracie Rundle (left) and Camdyn Terry (right) perform with and teach the littles at the winter spirit clinic in the YHS main gym. (Photo by Chuck Reherman)

YHS teacher Tiffiany Webb, the varsity cheer sponsor for the past five years, helps organize the spirit clinics alongside the other cheer and pom coaches. Some 185 students attended.

“Kids come and learn the chants and learn the dance,” Webb said. “We talk about what is going to happen and they get a little shirt and a little prize. Tuesday was when they performed at halftime of the girls’ basketball game.”

The YHS pom girls picked a ‘70s music theme and the little girls dressed in blue shirts with snowflakes for the performance.

All activities were held in the main gym and were taught by pom and cheer coaches and members.

“It’s a big fundraiser for Pom and I,” Webb said. “We host it together of course, and then whatever money we get from it we just half. So, not only do we get stuff for our teams, but it is also nice to see the little girls and to see our girls interact with them.

Students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade dress in blue shirts with snowflakes for a memorable ‘70s music-themed winter spirit clinic performance. (Photo by Chuck Reherman)

“Some of our girls used to be in the spirit clinic as little participants and now they are teaching them, so it’s cool to see that progression.”


Payton Coats, a YHS junior and varsity cheerleader, taught at the winter clinic alongside other pom and cheer members.

“I have taught clinics since my freshman year and I have always worked with pre-K since I like the little kids,” Coats said. “I want to be a teacher when I’m older, so teaching younger kids is what I want to do.”

Teaching at the clinics has also provided lessons for Coats.

“I’ve learned the most how to be patient with younger kids, knowing that they don’t understand everything that we get,” Coats said. “It doesn’t click as fast for them.”

During the one night of practice and one night of performance, Coats saw development in the children.

“They definitely learn how to interact with people a little more,” Coats said. “I feel like when they first get to the clinic, day one, they are all crazy and running around, but then they focus and really get invested in the dance.

“My favorite moment is when they finally understand the dance and can do it without watching us the whole time.”