Pets & People rescue center ground-breaking Feb. 1

Target date June 30 for building completion

Pets & People will break ground on Feb. 1 on its new 4,300 square foot rescue center. Construction is expected to be finished by June 30. (Photo provided)

By Talynn Jaques

Contributing Writer

Yukon’s Pets & People Humane Society plans to break ground and start the process to build their own rescue center on Feb. 1.

The new building will be 4,300 square feet with a capacity of 40 dogs and 40 cats.

Pets & People Vice President Amy Young with foster dog Finn, who is all smiles on his “freedom ride”. (Photo provided)

“We anticipate a four-month build,” Pets & People executive director Amy Young said.

It is estimated that Pets & People’s new building will be finished June 30.

The rescue center will be built at the Pets & People dog park, just west of the City of Yukon’s animal control facility on Inla Avenue.

Young was asked whether the dog park was still going to be open to the public.

“Absolutely!” she said. “The park is originally 2.97 acres, so we anticipate that we still have at least an acre and a half after the build. … And people bring their dogs there seven days a week to play. We didn’t want to take all of that space.”

Since the new rescue will be on the same land, the address will remain – 701 Inla Ave., Yukon, OK 73099.


Pets & People will start their capital campaign on Feb. 1 to help raise money for the building process and other needs.

This includes refrigeration for certain medicines and a high-capacity laundry for the never-ending need of towels and blankets for the animals.

The section of land Pets & People plans to build is in the floodplain.

“We will be asking for many things throughout the building process, the first thing is dirt,” Young said.

Pets & People will have to lay up to 4 feet of infill before installing the foundation of the new building.

The humane society also could use volunteers to lend a helping hand with the building project.

Pets & People is attempting to add environmentally friendly assets to its new rescue center to help reduce utility costs.

“When you think about shelter doors always opening and closing constantly for dogs going in and out on runs, it can run really high on HVAC (heating, venting and air conditioning),” Young said.

The new facility will have functional amenities, such as a garage where Pets & People’s van can have direct access to local veterinarians.

“We’re really excited that we’ll actually have a quarantine area for both dogs and cats, so we can get them well,” Young said.

As a no-kill nonprofit organization, Pets & People has rescued more than 50,000 animals since starting in the early 1990s.

With a larger capacity in this new building, the humane society will be able to save even more lives.

“We serve so many animals that are in peril in Canadian County,” Young said.

The organization’s mission is to provide a better life for animals by finding them their forever home.

To volunteer or donate to their cause, go online to or