Yukon warned about ‘Porch Pirates’

YPD offers advice to protect residents from modern-day thieves

Yukon Police Major Matt Fairchild

By Carol Mowdy Bond

Contributing Writer

You’ve ordered something to be delivered by courier or postal mail. You know what day the large box or package will arrive. But it never shows.

So, you call the courier service, and learn the package was left on your porch on a specific date and at a certain time.

So, where’s your package?

A relatively new phrase in urban slang, a porch pirate is a thief who steals a package after the courier delivered the package onto your porch.

Major Matt Fairchild, of the Yukon Police Department, said there are several ways to keep porch pirates away:

  • Install a doorbell camera to act as a deterrent, and to help identify the thief if he or she strikes.
  • Or, install other outside camera surveillance equipment.
  • You may purchase lock boxes specifically designed for couriers to place your packages in when delivered.
  • Make arrangements for your package to be delivered to a neighbor who will be home.
  • Plan to be home when the package is delivered.
  • Never leave a package, that has been delivered, on your porch overnight.

According to Major Fairchild, when porch pirates strike, their victims often don’t call the police because they think nothing can be done.

But if you’re the victim of a porch pirate’s handiwork, Fairchild said it’s important to do the following:

  • Call the police and report the theft. This allows the police to keep track of where the thieves are striking so they can more frequently patrol the area.
  • If you don’t have a doorbell camera or other outside camera surveillance equipment, perhaps one of your neighbors does. The police might be able to get helpful images and information from your neighbor’s camera equipment.
  • Posting on social media also helps. Post the images, from your camera equipment, of your porch pirate. Someone may be able to identify the thief. Even if you don’t have images, post the theft on social media so neighbors are aware of the situation.

Major Fairchild explained that doorbell cameras and other exterior camera surveillance equipment can be very helpful in apprehending a thief. He also says social media is a great tool.

The Yukon Police Department now has a Facebook Page, on which the department is posting photos of thieves, asking for help to identify the thieves. Fairchild says it’s working!