YHS StuCo plans for the State Convention

OASC means OHANA and OHANA means family

The slogan centers around a Hawaiian theme, where “OASC means OHANA and OHANA means family.” (Image provided)

By Madilyn Moore

Contributing Writer

In preparation to host the Oklahoma Association of Student Councils’ 2020 State Convention in November, members of the Yukon High School Student Council put on a board meeting to discuss their plans for the conference in the fall.

The board meeting was held from 8:30 a.m. through 12 p.m. on Jan. 28 in the Auxiliary Gym at YHS.

Students from Del City and Cache attended the event thrown by YHS Student Council, which took place in Auxiliary Gym at YHS to discuss plans for the state convention in the fall. (Photo by Madilyn Moore)

YHS welcomed OASC board members, student council members from around the state and Yukon administration with a continental breakfast in the morning and sent them off after lunch in the afternoon.

YHS junior Ella Stanley serves as the OASC State Secretary and was in charge of coordinating the event, along with other responsibilities.

“I am in charge of delegating all of the committee heads, so I was responsible for picking all of the committee heads and making sure that they get all of their responsibilities done and on time,” Stanley said. “I also coordinate events like the school board meetings and making sure things go smoothly and contacting people with invitations to get there, that kind of stuff.”

Stanley is also accountable for attending and speaking at other events throughout the year.

“This summer as state secretary, I am responsible for going to a camp called basic, which is for anyone in the OASC in Oklahoma to attend in Alva and I’ll just be going to be kind of a leader there since I’m a state officer,” Stanley said. “We also go to something called Nationals, which is a national state convention and I am responsible for going to that. As state secretary, I will also be speaking on the stage at the actual convention with the other state officers. It’ll be in Denver, Colorado this year and it’ll be a week in the summer.”

YPS administration sit down to eat lunch provided at the end of the conference held Jan. 28. (Photo by Madilyn Moore)

A multitude of things were discussed at the board meeting including individual plans and reports.

“At the board meeting, both of the out of state officers gave their platform presentations and then we had all of our committee heads give reports, so they were able to report what they’re doing and what they’ve completed so far for the convention,” Stanley said. “We talked about everything that we’ve done so far and presented it to the board. We also had an OASC board meeting, which was for the executive directors at the end of the day.”