Yukon City Council approves plan for ‘bricked’ business park, 5-0

Applicant makes concessions to build office warehouse project


By Conrad Dudderar

Associate Editor

After an applicant agreed to completely brick the outside of new buildings, the Yukon City Council this week unanimously accepted a plan for a new office warehouse development.

The preliminary plat for Bridon Business Park, 1508 and 1516 Commerce Street, earned a 5-0 vote at the Feb. 4 council meeting.

The Yukon Planning Commission had recommended denying the plat after nearby homeowners complained about the proposed development’s impact on their neighborhoods.

Plans call for Bridon Business Park to be developed on six lots totaling 3.44 acres near the entrances to the Stone Creek and Westport housing additions.

Attorney David Box, representing owner Bryan Neely and civil engineer Mark Grubbs, said the application conforms to the City of Yukon’s zoning ordinance and subdivision regulations.

“Staff recommends approval for that reason,” Box told council members. “If a developer cannot rely on those in developing within the City of Yukon, what can a developer rely on?”

The applicant has agreed to brick all buildings.

“I don’t think that is something that possibly could be required in the platting process, because your zoning ordinances and your building code ordinances lay out what is required,” Box said. “But, in an effort to accomplish this and get this done, my client is willing to accept the requirement that the buildings be brick – all sides.”


Shelli Selby

Referring to the “nice homes” that residents have near the proposed business park, Ward 2 City Council Member Shelli Selby thanked the applicant for his willingness to “make concessions.”

Yukon’s planning commission had recommended denying the Bridon Business Park plat after hearing concerns from neighbors about increased traffic, lot coverage, building appearance, and business use.

Developer John Nail Jr., who lives in Stone Creek, complained about the plan to convert two lots into six lots.

Attorney Box, at Tuesday night’s council meeting, said denying the plat would not stop the Bridon Business Park development from moving forward.

“We could pull building permits for six buildings and build this exactly as we’re planning right now, without platting,” Box told council members.

“What this plat will allow is this particular landowner to subdivide the land and sell these lots individually.”

Vice Mayor Donna Yanda

Vice Mayor Donna Yanda asked whether the proposed new office warehouse project would have adequate parking.

“Whatever your code requires is what we’ll have to meet,” attorney Box replied. “Your code contemplates whatever the use is requires a certain level of parking. This discussion has nothing to do with use whatsoever.

“That will be a function of the building code. When we come in for a building permit, we’ll have to show what the use is.”

The city council still must approve a final plat for Bridon Business Park before development can start.