Eagle Scout project completed at Kimbell Park

Braydon Coburn installed two dog waste stations

Braydon Coburn received helped from fellow Scouts and parents to complete the project benefitting Yukon Parks and Recreation: From left, Susan Tyra, Paul Henderson, Jacob Jeffery, Bradley Cooper, Peter Borseth, Stephen Tharp, Zachary Tyra, Trent Logan, Darlene Martinez, Neil Green, Caleb Jeffery, T.J. Flanagan, Dale Martinez, and Tabetha Martinez. (Photo provided)

Braydon Coburn completed an Eagle Scout project several weeks ago in Kimbell Park.

Yukon Boy Scout Braydon Coburn installed two dog waste stations at Kimbell Park for his Eagle Scout project. (Photo provided)

Braydon, with help from fellow Scouts, installed two dog waste stations to benefit the Yukon Parks and Recreation Department.

One of the dog waste stations is by the Holly Avenue parking lot and the other is over on the north side of Kimbell Park by the pavilion.

“These dog waste stations are for the folks who walk their dogs on the nice walking trail at Kimbell Park,” Yukon Parks & Recreation director Jan Scott.

“Braydon is one of many Scouts we have worked with to complete their Eagle Scout project in one of our parks over the last 21 years.”