Toilet paper, wipes, hand soaps flying off the shelves in Yukon Thursday

Shelves at a Yukon Walmart were almost empty of toilet paper Thursday. (Photo by Jeremy Pyle)

By Robert Medley

Managing Editor

The stores are about wiped out.

Toilet paper and other sanitary items were hard to find at Yukon stores Thursday.

The coronavirus outbreak was to blame.

Wilann LaFoe of Yukon was lucky. She found a 24-roll package of toilet paper at the Smart Saver grocery store in the Yukon Hills Shopping Center at Vandament and Cornwell.

“None of the stores I went to could I find had any toilet paper,” LaFoe said.

The toilet paper sections at Target, Walmart and other drug stores were bare of toilet paper.

Shelves are bare at Target in Yukon Thursday.

Hand soap and sanitizer were hard to come by at Yukon stores as well.

The shelves in Yukon stores were almost empty of toilet paper as seen at Smart Saver Thursday in Yukon. (Photo by Robert Medley)

Linda Thach was shopping at a Walgreens, 1099 Garth Brooks Blvd., and she was like most shoppers Thursday, finding empty shelves.

“I understand the stores just don’t have any, (toilet paper) Everybody is kind of panicking and starting to hoard stuff,” Thach said.

Thach said she has been healthy, and she did not know anyone affected by the virus.

The coronavirus symptoms include runny nose, sore throat, cough or fever.