Essential supplies low on Yukon area store shelves Sunday

Work to restock shelves has continued around the clock during pandemic

Big Lots in Yukon was out of essential items as many stores in the area were Sunday. (Photo by Randy K. Anderson)

Store shelves were wiped out Saturday and Sunday as shoppers stocked up on supplies across the Yukon and Canadian County area.

Yukon’s Big Lots remained without toilet paper early Sunday morning. Many stores have had low supplies of essential items, but work to restock shelves has continued around the clock.

At the Yukon Target on Saturday, long-time employee Richard Lee restocked shelves with soup Saturday morning.

Lee said canned soup was “blowing out the door,” as shoppers arrived.

In Oklahoma Sunday, 67 cases of COVID-19 have been reported with two of the cases in Canadian County, 26 cases in Oklahoma County and 13 cases in Cleveland County, the Oklahoma State Health Department reported.

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