Yukon man sought for home burglary, computer fraud

Allegedly stole credit card to make illegal purchases; also took SUV


By Conrad Dudderar

Senior Staff Writer

A Yukon man stands accused of burglary and computer fraud after allegedly breaking into a home and using a stolen credit card to make thousands of dollars in illegal purchases.

Jerry Don Williams, 25, was charged March 13 in Canadian County District Court with second-degree burglary and violation of the computer crimes act. Count one is punishable by up to seven years in prison and count two by up to 10 years in prison and a $5,000/$10,000 fine.

Prosecutors allege Williams used computer networks at Target, Walmart and other places between March 27 and June 7, 2019 “to execute a scheme and defraud” a Yukon woman and a credit card company “by making fraudulent purchases and transactions” using the victim’s credit card, according to the felony charge.

Allegations against Williams are detailed in probable cause affidavits signed by a Yukon police investigator.

Officers were first dispatched to the Yukon Avenue home on April 1 after the alleged victim discovered about $8,000 in unauthorized purchases had been made on her credit card. Six separate purchases were identified.

Police confirmed Williams’ identity after receiving photos of him at the Yukon Walmart store, 1200 S Garth Brooks Blvd.

The victim contacted Williams who admitted to taking the credit card and stating, “he was desperate,” according to Det. Dave Carroll’s affidavit. But Williams broke off contact.

Several months later, Yukon police were back at the same Yukon Avenue home investigating a burglary.

Prosecutors allege that Williams on June 7 broke into the victim’s home “with the intent to steal” and fraudulently appropriated a credit card.

The homeowner had left her garage door open since about 3 p.m. that day while working in the backyard, according to the probable cause affidavit.

Three hours later, the alleged victim received a call from her bank “that someone had made a $1,500 charge at Target and attempted to withdraw $1,000 from her checking account at an ATM.”

The woman told investigators she believed Williams “walked through the garage when it was opened and made his way into the kitchen and took the property and left without her knowledge and permission to take the items,” the court affidavit reads.

Police later positively identified Williams after obtaining photos of him at the Yukon Target store, 1700 S Garth Brooks Blvd.

Defendant Williams also was charged March 13 for another crime, unauthorized use of a vehicle. That felony charge is punishable by up to two years in prison.

Prosecutors allege the defendant drove the victim’s 2002 Chevrolet Trailblazer without permission intending to permanently deprive the owner of the vehicle.

Williams reportedly borrowed the SUV in September 2018 but never returned it as promised, according to the Yukon police detective’s probable cause affidavit.

The investigator has been unable to contact Williams, who reportedly was last living in south Oklahoma City.

Warrants have been issued for Williams’ arrest. Special Judge Charles Gass has set bond at $5,000 for second-degree burglary, $5,000 for violation of computer crimes act and $5,000 for unauthorized use of vehicle.