Pets and People offers ‘curbside’ adoptions

Important now more than ever for humans to have animal companions

Yukon’s “no-kill” animal welfare society has many “very adoptable” canines and felines at its shelter facility, according to Pets and People executive director Amy Young. Regular adoption fees are $135 for dogs and $85 cats. (Photo provided)

By Conrad Dudderar

Senior Staff Writer

In the effort to reduce the animal population at its shelter while maintaining necessary social distancing due to coronavirus concerns, Yukon’s humane society has started curbside pet adoptions.

Pre-approved adopters are now able to adopt dogs and cats via curbside pickup at the Pets and People facility, 701 Inla.

Lucas Hunt meets his new dog after one of the first curbside adoptions at Pets and People Humane Society, 701 Inla. The effort has been launched to reduce the shelter’s animal population while following COVID-19 social distancing guidelines. (Photo provided)

“Now more than ever, it’s important for us humans to have canine and feline companions,” Pets & People executive director Amy Young said. “This pandemic has been very disruptive, and we still have so many great cats and dogs who need loving, forever homes.”

Pets and People board members and staff are following COVID-19 guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control and Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt.

“We support all the decisions by the governor and CDC,” Young said. “We also have very adoptable animals in our shelter.”

Two pets were adopted on the first day the curbside adoptions were offered by Pets and People, Yukon’s no-kill animal humane society for more than 25 years.

“It was fantastic,” Young said.

Pets and People adoption fees are $135 for dogs and $85 for cats. There are discounts for dogs who have been at the shelter more than six months ($60) and for previous Pets & People adopters who want to adopt a “buddy” cat ($20.20).

Also because of the current “shelter in place” order in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Pets and People volunteers are not allowed to walk dogs until further notice. This is being done for the health of the staff and public, Young noted.


Check out photos and descriptions of all dogs and cats available for adoption at

Anyone seriously interested in a curbside adoption should email and indicate the specific pet they want to take home.

The prospective adopter should provide their contact information and say whether they’ve adopted previously from Pets and People.

An adoption volunteer will review the email and then respond by email or phone to discuss the person’s interest.

  • If Pets and People determines it would be a good placement, the adoption volunteer will send the prospective adopter an online application form to complete.
  • Once the adoption form is approved, the volunteer will set up an appointment for the person to come to Pets and People’s shelter, 701 Inla.
  • Upon arrival, a shelter staff member will meet with them outside. If they want to adopt a dog, the dog will be brought out on a leash for a walk in the wooded park area. If interested in adopting a cat, then one person at a time will be allowed to visit the cat room.

If the adoption is “a go”, the new owner can pay the adoption fee by cash or check, or online with PayPal or a credit card.

Besides having to find permanent homes for animals, Pets and People Humane Society is seeking donations of these needed supplies:

  • Inexpensive cat litter – both scoop-able and non-scoop-able.
  • Bleach – any brand that kills 99 percent of germs.
  • Inexpensive laundry soap.
  • Dish soap.
  • 13-gallon kitchen trash bags.

For more information, call 350-PETS (7387) or visit