Canadian County judge positive for COVID-19

Juvenile court judge quarantined

Associate District Judge Bob Hughey

By Robert Medley

Managing Editor

Canadian County Associate District Judge Bob Hughey has tested positive for COVID-19 and has been quarantined at home, the judge said in a telephone interview Friday.

Hughey, 60, who lives in El Reno, began to have breathing problems on his birthday March 23 and went to the Mercy Hospital emergency room on W Memorial Road in Oklahoma City.

He was not tested for COVID-19 at the time there, he said. He did not have a fever and was released.

On Friday, March 27, his respiratory problems had not gotten better and he went to the Oklahoma County Health Department where he was tested and found to be positive.

Hughey said he is suffering from fatigue and symptoms similar to acute bronchitis.

The judge had not been sick before March 23, he said.

“It came on rather quickly,” Hughey said.

Hughey is a judge in the Gary E. Miller Canadian County Children’s Justice Center. The only hearings currently are emergency ones, he said.

Hughey said he will be evaluated by a doctor April 10 to determine if he will remain quarantined at home.

He said he is drinking lots of fluids and resting. He is also receiving breathing treatments at home but is not in need of a respirator.

“We are treating symptoms,” Hughey said.

On Friday, the Oklahoma State Department of Health reported 879 COVID-19 cases statewide with 34 deaths, including one death in Canadian County. There were 28 cases in

Canadian County reported Friday and 257 people hospitalized with the virus statewide, the health department reported.