More COVID-19 testing available in Canadian County by Tuesday, health officials report

Appointments to be taken Tuesday for those in El Reno and Yukon

Canadian County Health Department nurses collecting COVID-19 tests in Yukon are from left to right Chelsea Gee, APRN, and Linda Pierce, RN. (Photo provided)

Testing for COVID-19 in Canadian County has been limited and difficult for many, with supplies of test kits low in recent weeks, health officials reported.

But in the coming days, more tests are going to be taken across the county as additional testing kits have arrived at offices in Yukon and El Reno.

Maggie Jackson, community engagement director for Canadian County Health Department, said people can start making appointments for Yukon and El Reno locations starting Tuesday.

“We have had limited testing availability, so it has just opened up to where health departments are getting more testing capacity in the state,” Jackson said.
She said a drive-thru location is also being planned.
“We are going to be receiving supplies on Monday and on Tuesday people can start to call and we can start making appointments,” Jackson said.
Also, people can continue to call their healthcare providers to make appointments for tests.
“But we do know some people don’t have health insurance,” Jackson said.
She said she does not know an exact number of test kits available and supplies will likely continue to be in demand as more cases are reported countywide.
“At this point it is still limited,” Jackson said.
On Friday, the only tests for COVID-19 taken at the county offices were for those patients with a doctor’s referral note.
She said health workers have to be in contact with all those who test positive and then investigate who might have been exposed. The staff is working hard and keeping regular hours.
If someone has been in direct contact with COVID-19 they need to self isolate, watch for fever, cough and shortness of breath and contact a doctor if possible.
“We will ask the public to stay tuned,” Jackson said.
For those who need to call for an appointment in Yukon, 1023 E Vandament Ave.,  call (405) 354-4872.
In El Reno, the office is at 100 S Rock Island, and to make an appointment call (405) 262-0042.