Reaching milestones, local fuel transport business rolls on

Earnheart Oil Inc. nears 50th anniversary


Earnheart Oil Inc., founded in Logan County in 1971, has grown from five employees to over 100 people in almost five decades, today’s President Troy Earnheart said.

It was in the town of Marshall, in far northern Logan County, on State Highway 74, where Troy’s grandfather Ernest Earnheart had made a living as a farmer and rancher in the early 1970s. He opened a small gas station that provided Marshall with full service for vehicles and petroleum products in 1971. Ernest Earnheart ‘s son Edmund Earnheart took over and got into the propane sales and delivery business, Troy Earnheart explained.

“He (Edmund) did a heckuva a lot with what he started with, and grew the business 10 times,” Troy Earnheart said.

An Earnheart Oil Inc. propane truck. (Photo provided)

Today, Earnheart Oil serves a large portion of northwest Oklahoma from Slapout to Ponca City, with 102 employees, including one propane truck driver, George Messall, who has been with the company over three decades.

Ten years ago, Troy Earnheart took the helm of the company.

Sarah and Troy Earnheart stand in an Oklahoma wheat field. (Photo provided)

“I’m the third generation,” Troy Earnheart said, who makes his home in north Edmond.

Edmund and Shirley Earnheart married in 1974 and Shirley helped build the business alongside him.

He said the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed business to a crawl, and with employees and busines s owners not knowing what to expect ahead, once daily lives recover, the growth is expected to continue. The company has grown almost ten times in the past decade, Troy Earnheart said.

“We’ve seen exponential growth,” Troy Earnheart said.

Earnheart Oil Inc., provided commercial fuel deliveries, and propane and petroleum products such as lubricants, with a fleet of over 20 trucks, and he has hired recent staff members to promote the company.

“We’re constantly looking at different ways to market ourselves. We’re always, constantly, looking at ways to expand and not be complacent with ourselves,” Troy Earnheart said.

There are seven Earnheart convenience stores, including recently acquired Short Stop stations with locations in Crescent, Marshall, Stillwater, Ponca City and Blackwell.