Fishing in low places, creeks full of fish in Yukon

Bass, perch and catfish swim near Main Street

Staying close to home in a pandemic, Seth and Bill Lindsey of Yukon find the fishing is not so bad in a city creek. (Photo by Robert Medley)

Just off State Highway 66, known as Main Street Yukon, a North Canadian River tributary serves as a drainage canal near Cornwell Avenue, where the water goes under the intersection.

On the southwest side of the intersection, a fisherman took advantage of a cool, but calm evening, away from crowds and stores. He cast toward the drain culvert under the intersection.

He cast a line with a plastic worm on it toward the edge of the bank. A reporter interrupted him, talking at a safe distance, with the wind blowing north.

“What is the name of this creek?” the reporter asked.

The fisherman, Reese Peterson, looked up. “This is…Hold on, I’m about to get one.”

He might have had a strike but nothing was hooked.

“I think it is called Turtle Creek. It washes out of Mulvey’s Pond,” Peterson said.

“I’ve caught bass in here, he said.

There is a healthy catfish, sunfish and perch population in the small Yukon creek. And lots of snakes. None were seen though.

On Monday night, he had two spawning bass strike his jig.

Reese Peterson is fishing a small creek in Yukon and staying close to home. (Photo By Robert Medley)

Peterson, 35, a Yukon native, said the creek is 4 feet deep in spots.

“Bass are pretty tough fish. They will live about anywhere,” Peterson said.

A bass could be seen in the clear water as it swam upstream toward two other local fishermen.

Bill and Seth Lindsey, brothers who are from Yukon, stood on the north side of the creek. Bill Lindsey had a perch in his hand.

They released the fish they caught.

“We throw them back,” Seth Lindsey said. “I don’t want to kill them and have to clean them and cook them.”

He said to the southwest of the spot where he fished, the creek winds into a wooded area where there are small caves in the embankment that bigger catfish live in.

Reese Peterson of Yukon stays close to home for fishing. (Photo by Robert Medley)

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