I guess you could say, I’m red, white and blue


I was planning to send over lunch to our health care workers at Canadian Valley Regional Hospital this week to show them how proud I am of them for being on the front line during this once-in-a-lifetime pandemic. I thought about what I might send to these fearless workers, after all, not one of them is chicken when it comes to taking care of our locals. They seem to fear nothing if you want the whole truth. I wanted to reward them all with a feel-good lunch and I thought Popeye’s “World Famous” Chicken sandwiches would do the trick. Unfortunately, our local Popeye’s is still out of stock on these delicious sandwiches, so I am going to transition to plan B.

I am pretty sure since most of our local health care workers are doing their part to flatten the curve, I thought, “Anderson, why not do your part to FATTEN THE CURVE?” I just don’t think any of our health care workers at Canadian Valley would mind pulling up their masks for a few minutes to enjoy some Eischens Fried chicken from scenic downtown Okarche. Since I own the Okarche Warrior newspaper, I get a pretty good deal from the Eischen sisters-so why not? I will let you know how I try to turn this pandemic…. into a pan-fried demic!


Speaking of social distancing let’s talk for a minute about cognitive dissonance, otherwise known as post-purchase psychological evaluation. Great Plains Bank President Jay Winkle up at Surrey Hills, got on EBAY a few weeks ago to buy some toilet paper due to the empty shelves at his local grocery store. Jay told me his $20 per package order arrived this week. When he opened it, he was amazed to find what he called, the mini-roll packages. He realized he had been “cleaned out” and his wallet “wiped out” by the scam artists trying to take advantage (roll over) people.

Many of you know Jay Winkle and know he is an OSU alumnus. Back in the day, Jay would drink Corona beer (or any other brand) with you in Stillwater. If you get a chance today, read about Leon Festinger’s theory of cognitive dissonance. If you don’t want to do that, then maybe just call Jay and let him know you are thinking about him as he tries to recover and socially distance himself from these Corona/Toilet paper scam artists.


I had several calls from our readers last Saturday afternoon who wanted to tell me about people in Yukon who had really gone above and beyond the call of duty to help them and make them feel special.

Jerry Kelly called me to tell me that his clerk (Kia Cortez) at Homeland, who he has known for years, asked him if he needed any toilet paper since the shelves had been empty for a while. This grocery checker told Jerry that she had some extra saved in the back of the store and could get him some if he was out. Jerry took the time to call me and told me he really appreciated her and that he appreciated Homeland and Kia Cortez for taking care of him.

I had another 90-years-young reader (Norma) called me to tell me that her bank teller called her at home to check on her since she hadn’t been to the bank in a few weeks due to social distancing. Norma said she really appreciated that phone call.


Marjorie Jezek called last week to tell me that the 55th annual Czech Festival has been canceled. I just kind of sat there for a minute. I felt like one of my good friends had just died. After all, me and the Oklahoma Czech Fest are the same age. The festival started in October of 1966 just a few months after I was bestowed upon the world, and just like the Super Bowl, we are supposed to soon celebrate 55 years of existence. Now I am wondering. Since bad news usually comes in threes, and the Czech Fest has already been canceled, does that mean that if Super Bowl 55 is canceled later this year, that I will not be around in December to celebrate 55? Will the Good Lord be calling me home? Should I plan a televangelist approach to raising money? (Oral Roberts)

I plan on hosting my annual Christmastime birthday, obviously in December, with this year’s theme being, “I can’t drive 55!”

If for some reason I don’t make it to 55 just remember this:

My blood pressure is good, my C-PAP machine works well, my hairs turning white, my necks always been red and my collar is still blue. Like Lynyrd Skynrd sings, I’ve always been here just trying to get the truth to you.

I guess you could say, I’m red, white and blue.

Thanks so much for reading. I will see you next Saturday. Would you like a Progress?

Yukon Progress Publisher Randy K. Anderson can be reached at randyk.anderson@sbcglobal.net or (405) 517-5168.