Rep. Steagall seeks second term

HD-43 Republican incumbent faces Independent challenger


By Conrad Dudderar

Senior Staff Writer

A Republican state legislator from Yukon is facing an Independent challenger in his re-election bid.

State Rep. Jay Steagall, R-Yukon, wants a second, two-year term representing House District 43.

Steagall, 43, filed for reelection on April 8 – the first day of the three-day filing period for state and federal offices.

“I try to be an active member of our community, in addition to being a local business owner,” Steagall said. “I’m invested here in town and am a member of the board at the Manna Pantry.

“My wife Kim and I are tied in pretty close here. We love it here. We’ve made Yukon our home since 2004.”

The Republican incumbent faces a challenge from an Independent, Cassie Kinet of Yukon. Kinet, 35, filed on April 10 – the last day of the filing period at the Oklahoma State Capitol.

The race for the next HD-43 term will be decided at the general election Nov. 3; there is no primary since Steagall is a Republican and Kinet is an Independent.

Read more about Kinet in an upcoming edition of The Yukon Progress.

A 23-year U.S. Air Force veteran, Steagall has served in the state Legislature since first being elected in 2018 to succeed J.P. Jordan. As he embarks on his campaign for a second term, he pledges to continue protecting life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

“My voting record and my hard work ethic reflect how dedicated I am to putting our priorities here in Yukon at the forefront,” he said. “That includes our liberties, our property rights and our protection of life.

“I take my oath very seriously. I hope voters see I’ve followed through with that promise and will give me two more years to deliver on that promise again.”


As a freshman legislator, Steagall already is in leadership as an assistant floor leader.

During his first term, the HD-43 representative was elected by his peers to be the House chairman for the Veterans Caucus.

Steagall was assigned to four committees – Veterans and Military Affairs, Energy and Natural Resources, Public Safety, and Appropriations and Budget – Natural Resources and Regulatory Services.

He also was appointed by the House speaker to serve on the Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision.

“My goal is to continue to work hard the rest of this session,” Rep. Steagall said. “Even though we’re working mostly remotely right now, I will still put Yukon’s interest first. That’s my primary duty.”

The Republican incumbent started his reelection campaign in December and is up to the challenge. He will continue fund-raising efforts and reach out to HD-43 constituents in coming months.

“I worked well with members of our caucus and with members across the aisle,” Steagall said, noting no Republican or Democrat filed against him.

A constitutional conservative, he wants to earn the right to continue working for District 43.

“We do live in a very conservative district and I try not to take that for granted just by attaching a name to an idea,” Steagall said. “I try to work toward those efforts as well and I think my voting record shows that.

“I do what I can to represent Yukon as best I can at the state level.”

Oklahoma HD-43 is entirely in Canadian County, encompassing much – but not all – of Yukon.

Boundaries are generally from State Highway 66 south to S.W. 29th between Garth Brooks Boulevard/Cemetery Road and Sara Road and Council Road.